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Spektrum DX5 Pro Arrival – RCD Today Blog 10-2-18

Today we’re sitting behind the computer getting some video work and article work done for the website so there isn’t much going on in terms of building. But! We did get a knock on the door from our FedEx delivery guy. The dude knows what shows up here and he swings by our place early to drop off any goodies. Today’s delivery was the Spektrum DX5 Pro radio system. This is a pretty cool arrival. We have a DX6 and a DX5C so this is a bit in the middle, perhaps a bit above middle. This radio system looks great, lots of functions, has a great initial feel and since it’s Spektrum we know its operation will be top notch. We’re not going to get into a full review right here (Click HERE for the review), but we did snap some photos so you can see this radio in more detail.

The radio has a nice look to it, modern feel and well balanced.

Along with a lot of useful features in the programming, there are a lot of features on the outside as well. Here is a gallery of what caught our eye.

For More Information, Visit Spektrum RC: HERE

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