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SR2100 DSMR Micro Antenna-Less Race Receiver from Spektrum


Eliminate clutter and improve your RF performance with the SR2100 DSMR® Micro Race Antenna-Less receiver. The SR2100 features the signal performance you demand while making installing your reveiver in a car or truck easier than ever. The Frequency-Agile DSMR technology delivers a super-fast 5.5m/s frame rate in even the noisiest of RF environments.

While small in size the SR2100 is packed full of features. The three-channel design makes it easy to connect your servos, ESCs, transponders, fans or other accessories. Binding to your DSMR-equipped transmitter, such as the DX6R PRO, DX4R PRO and DX4S, is easy thanks to the integrated bind button. Plus, you get the extra protection of a waterproof‡ Reliakote™ conformal coating that seals its electronics from the elements and other corrosives like nitro methane or motor spray.


Built-in antenna
DSMR protocol
3-channel functionallity
5.5ms frame rate with very low latency and super high speed response
Small and lightweight
Reliakote coating protects the SR2100 from water, fuel, and dust


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  1. Delayed until the summer! Damn I can’t wait to get rid of antenna’s.

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