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SWORKz S12-1R 2wd Off Road Buggy

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The S12-1R chassis platform is designed for racing. It features a mid position gear box with a lower position spur gear system. The motor position is 65mm away from the mid-front gear box (S12-1M) improving the overall grip when racing on dirt tracks. The S12-1R also features a 3mm 7075 chassis layout that allows up to 4 different battery positions. The buggy comes with a 6mm aluminum front shock tower and all the lower arm holders are made of strong aluminium. SWORKz designed a Pure Oil Shock System (no shock bladders) for quicker shock response and better suspension feel. The S12-1R comes standard with the innovative Eaglet body designed for more rear grip and steering response. The Eaglet body provides a well balance feel in both mid-motor and rear-motor configurations. The S12-1R platform was designed from the ground up and is the perfect buggy for the serious racer and weekend hobbyist. The smart and efficient design incorporated with a cost-effective and user friendly platform was our primary goal from the beginning of the S12-1R project.

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