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Tamiya Kumamon Version – DT02

Tamiya Kumamon DT02

In the RC Driver offices we’ve come up with a lot of wild builds, but we wanted to do something that strayed far from the RC norm and that’s when we saw the Tamiya Kumamon DT02 buggy. This isn’t your standard buggy, it looks like a dune buggy but on a basic, fun, Tamiya off-road chassis and setting it way over the top is a Japanese icon, the Kumamon bear stuffed in behind the steering wheel. The Kumamon kit instantly caught our creative RC eye because it’s pretty inexpensive. Tony Phalen, Matt “Tacocat” Maziarz and I (Greg) instantly agreed to build up this car as inexpensively as possibly to show how much fun you can have with at a low cost. Well, we might have strayed from the budget constraints just a little to get some bearings from Team FastEddy, but we kept this on the cheap and fun. Check out the simple building process in our build photo gallery below.

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