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Tamiya MF-01X G320 Project – Part 4: Shocks Install & Suspension Problems

Sometimes in the world of RC, your project plans, no matter how careful you plan them don’t always pan out. In this video, we continue work on the Tamiya MF-01X G320 Project by installing the M-Series option shock set we showed you in Part 1. These shocks were listed on the Tamiya website to fit the MF-01X, but we encounter a dilemma with the shock ends. Our build problems don’t end there though… We also glue up some Tamiya Mud Block tires, but they pose a problem for completing the rig too. What are the issues? What are we going to do? Sit back, watch and see how our project build hits a roadblock and maybe you can help suggest some fixes.

Tamiya M-Chassis Aluminum Damper Set- 54000
Tamiya Mud Block Tires- 54735
Tamiya Wheels- 9335733

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