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Today At RC Driver – Traxxas TQi Radio Round-Up – 4/18/17

Today in the RC Driver workshop… we were working on one of our Traxxas machines, the E-Revo to be exact. The truck is being prepped for an upcoming article and video on the Traxxas GPS module. If you own a Traxxas machine and want to know exactly how fast your car or truck goes you don’t want to miss this article. Well, after a few minutes of searching for the radio for the specific E-Revo we’ve been working on, we uncovered several Traxxas TQ and TQi radios. One would think having a radio per car would be great, but not all radios were labeled with the respective car they are paired with. What to do?

Traxxas TQi Radio

Traxxas TQi Link
A commonly overlooked feature of the Traxxas TQi radio is that the single radio can be linked to, up to thirty models. That is a lot of Traxxas models! Every time you turn on your radio and a different model, the radio recognizes the settings for that particular vehicle so no additional adjustments are required. The Traxxas Link feature is pretty slick and makes being organized with multiple cars much easier. If you are a multiple Traxxas model owner, you may want to see if you can consolidate your models into one radio. So for an example, if you have a Slash, a Stampede and an E-Revo, you can use a single radio control each model individually without having to reset your trims or re-link the radio’s after the first Link sequence. This can make life in the workshop or heading out to a bashing session much easier. The TQi is loaded with many more advanced features to get your machine dialed in, but for right now, we’ve got our minds set on Linking our cars to a single TQi radio.

Traxxas TQi Radio System: http://amzn.to/2pEtetb

Traxxas TQi 5-Channel Receiver: http://amzn.to/2otLtwH

LINK: Traxxas


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