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Traxxas Slash VXL with TSM and OBA Action

In the October 2015 issue of RC Driver Magazine we take a look under the hood of the new Traxxas Slash VXL with Traxxas Stability Management and On-Board Audio. Author of the article Dean Berry gives the opinion: “Sure, this newest version looks the same at a quick glance, but once the body is off the truth is revealed. I love the inclusion of the LCG chassis (a feature I wish was released on a truck sooner) as it makes for a better handling truck, and TSM works so well, I had no clue it was providing any assistance until I tried to drive the truck, with less success, with it turned off. Coupled with the TQi radio system and OBA, Traxxas has reinvented the Slash with smashing success.” Want to know more about this truck? After watching the video pick up the print issue with the review HERE

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