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Traxxas Unlimited Desert Racer Review

The Traxxas Unlimited Desert Racer broke the RC side of the internet with its release and many have already started saving to get one once it’s released. The Unlimited Desert Racer is a ground up new machine from the big TRX and in their typical fashion, they went big… literally. They went big in size, scale, risk, style, innovation and the list goes on. The Unlimited Desert Racer is a Pro Scale truck that comes ready to run with powerful 6S capable ESC, 2200kv motor, TQi radio system and a high torque servo to muscle the steering. The truck is 4wd with a solid rear axle, independent front suspension and an amazing tube style frame with inverted center tub to round out the chassis. The suspension looks like the suspension on a real Trophy Truck and the body comes with either the Rigid or Fox livery as you see on the real trophy trucks. The features list goes on and luckily Traxxas sent a Unlimited Desert Racer over to us to check out in detail. So that’s what we did. We went to town on the truck with a power hex driver to see what this intense machine is about and we give you as much detail we can to you know what sets this new Traxxas model apart from the rest. We also show you the truck in action too (on 6S in training and sport mode) and give you a full breakdown of our performance thoughts. Interested in the Traxxas Unlimited Desert Racer? This is one long, detailed review worth watching!

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Product: Unlimited Desert Racer
By: Traxxas
Part Code: 85076-4
Price: $799.95

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  1. I just purchased the TRAXXAS “Unlimited Desert Racer” online today and it will be here on Saturday the 12th. I am so stoked! Especially after watching your video review! And the test drive just blew me away! Thanks for a very informative review!!!

    BTW, 800 bucks is a steal, IMHO!!!

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