Thursday, July 25, 2024


Aquacraft Bristol Trawler

Aquacraft - Bristol Trawler copy

The Bristol Trawler is well-detailed for an authentic look that is sure to please. It has a painted fiberglass hull with rigged masts and comes standard with a TTX490 4-channel radio with TR400 receiver, a 30-amp LiPo compatible speed control …

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Team STRC Lightweight Screw Kits for TLR and Kyosho Vehicles

Team STRC - Lightweight Screw Kits for TLR and Kyosho Vehicles_3 copy

Looking to save weight and increase strength and durability?  Then check out these cool screw kits by Team STRC.  They now have weight-saving screw kits for the Kyosho ZX6, SC-R, SC6, RT6, and RB6 as well as for the TLR …

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TLR Cab Forward Body for the 8IGHT 3.0

Team Losi Racing - Cab Forward Body for the 8IGHT 3

The 1/8 Nitro 8IGHT 3.0 Cab Forward body was designed to give the Team Losi Racing 8IGHT 3.0 buggy more down force and better stability on the straightaway and over jumps. This is the first body to have an optional …

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Team Associated Apex Lexus RC F Performance Coupe

Team Associated - Apex Lexus RC F Performance Coupe_1 copy

The Apex Lexus RC Fuses the all-wheel-drive Apex chassis and comes fully assembled and RTR with a 3300kV Reedy motor and WolfPack 6-cell battery wired with a High Current connector and XP 2.4GHz radio system.  Imperfections in the road are …

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Futaba 4PX Radio System – Get the details here!!


The 4PX from Futaba is their next generation of top-of-the-line radio system. Packed with features, it is lightning fast with the response of T-FHSS system in 4PX is optimized and is 30 percent faster than 4PKSR, can be used with 4PX: R304SB, …

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Tamiya TRF Shock Pliers

Tamiya - Shock Pliers copy

This versatile set of pliers has a number of different openings, and can be used to swiftly and efficiently assemble and disassemble shocks on a variety of vehicles by easily gripping the shock shaft so as to not scratch it.  …

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ARC R10 2015 Touring Car

R10_1 copy

Viper R/C is the exclusive North American Importer for ARC and sent us word of the R10 2015. Developed on input from racers of all levels around the world, the update to the car that has been in A-Mains from Reedy …

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Team Associated Apex Scion Racing FR-S GReddy

Team Associated - Apex Scion Racing FR-S GReddy_2 copy

Built on the all-wheel-drive Apex chassis, the RTR Scion Racing GReddy FR-S replica comes standard with a 3300Kv Reedy brushless motor, Reedy WolfPack 6-cell battery and XP water-resistant speed control and XP 2.4GHz radio system. The sealed metal gear differentials …

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TLR 25 Degree Brass Front Pivot Block for the 22 and 22.2.0 Series of Vehicles

TRL - 25 Degree Brass Front Pivot Block for the 22-02

This 50-gram front pivot block for the TLR 22 series of vehicles features a 25 degree kick-up, 5 degrees less than the stock 30 degree block, resulting in more speed when entering a corner. It is well marked for the …

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RC4wd Dick Cepek Fun Country 1.55” Scale Tires

RC4wd - Dick Cepek Fun Country 1.55” Scale Tires

These Dick Cepek Fun Country 1.55” Scale Tires are made from Advanced X2 SS Compound (Super Soft & Super Sticky).  They fit 1.55 in. wheels and have an outer diameter of 3.74 in./95mm, width of 1.42 in./36mm, inner diameter of 1.57 in./40mm …

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ProTek 321B “Samurai” Off-Road Engine

ProTek - 321B Samurai Off-Road Engine_1 copy

The 321B “Samurai” Off-Road 3-Port engine features a short-stroke, turbo head, rear ceramic bearing and an easy-to-tune carburetor. The handcrafted powerhouse has been built meticulously by a world-renowned Japanese engine manufacturer, to the specs of A Main’s top pro drivers. …

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HPI Crawler King 1973 Ford Bronco

HPI - Crawler King 1973 Ford Bronco_1 copy

The Crawler King is the ultimate companion for hardcore off-trail rock climbing or muddy bog runs – with over 15cm (6”) of suspension travel and fitted with sticky HB Rover tires, it can take whatever your off-road adventures can dish …

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Pro-Line Trifecta 1/8 Buggy and Truggy Wings

Pro-Line - Trifecta 18 Buggy and Truggy Wings_3 copy

The Trifecta Wing features an aggressive design with large center fins for maximum stability. Included with Pro-Line’s new wing are two optional wickerbills (Small & Large) that allow you to tune the performance of the wing to your liking. Underneath the main …

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Pro-Line 1/8 and 1/10 Car Stands

Pro-Line - 18 and 110 Car Stands_1 copy

 The MX car stand from Pro-Line got its inspiration from the popular MX bike stands. The laser-cut, bent and powder-coated blue alloy Pro-Line car stand is ready to display your car in the best way possible. The stand even has …

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Pro-Line PRO-2 Aluminum Steering Rack

Pro-Line - PRO-2 Aluminum Steering Rack copy

This is an Aluminum Steering Rack for the PRO-2, PRO-2 SC Buggy, Slash 2WD and Electric Rustler. The kit includes ball bearings for smooth steering action and eliminates the servo saver. The center steering link is made out of carbon fiber for the ultimate …

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