Saturday, May 25, 2024

RC Tips

9 Option Parts Almost Every RTR Car Needs

9 Option Parts

RTRs are the perfect way for beginners to get into the hobby. They will get the user up and running in as much time as it takes to charge the battery. However, many companies have to hit a certain price …

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RC Nitro Engine Storage

Engine Storage Materials

While many engines always have a home in the vehicles that they are used in,  a lot of drivers have a spare engine waiting to go, either for racing or as a back-up for a basher vehicle. For those that do, …

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Keep Track of your RC Shock Pistons

Keep Track of your Shock Pistons

The major manufacturers have done us a great service by molding the shock piston hole size on the pistons to help identify them when building (or tuning) our shocks. The problem is, especially for us old guys, that it’s really …

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How to Keep Track of RC Shock Collar Height

Shock collar tracking mark

  Have you ever seen someone on the driver’s stand yell down to their pit guy and tell them to adjust shock collar height? If you are a hardcore racer, you probably noticed it happen. But then you may have …

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Easy RC Transponder Quick Swap

Transponder Quick Swap

If you race two classes and have only one transponder, you’re constantly taking it from one car to the other. You can save time and effort by using a Micro Deans plug on the unit and in each vehicle. Use …

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Keep RC grease off your hands

Keep 'Em Clean

RC maintenance can be messy; oil and grease often get everywhere. Keep your hands clean with inexpensive, disposable rubber or latex gloves. Keep them in your pit box and on your workbench. Tip by Doug Wilson

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Screw Saver for a dollar

RC Tip - Screw Saver

You can’t put your vehicle back together if you don’t have all the hardware that you removed to disassemble it. Too often, screws are lost. To avoid this, check out the dollar store for a bowl that has a magnetic …

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Easy RC Hex-Driver Operation

RC Tip - Easy Hex-Driver Operation

If you have not yet invested in a good set of hex drivers, you are likely still using the ones that were included with your vehicle. If you would like to get a little more leverage, mount a large pinion …

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Revive Wet and Damp Electronics

RC Tip - Revive Wet Electronics

If you expose your electronics to water, they may not work properly. The next time it happens, try this. Empty a box of uncooked rice into a bowl and bury the waterlogged device in it. Leave it there for a …

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Spiral wrap with fuel tubing nice and neat

RC Tip - Keep it Tidy

You can make your own spiral wrap with fuel tubing, an antenna tube and a sharp hobby knife. Slide the tubing over the antenna and place it on the workbench. Place the knife on the tubing and roll the antenna …

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Easy Threading Screws

RC Tip - Easy Thread

Assembling some RC kits requires the use of self-tapping screws that are installed in hard plastic parts. If you first scrape the screws across a bar of soap, you will have an easier time getting them to thread into the …

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RC Parts storage and Stand

RC Tip - Store and Stand

When you’ve finished the oatmeal in the pantry, you’ll have a convenient canister to store tires and wheels in. The canister also makes a quick and easy car stand. You can get creative and paint it, or cover it with …

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RC Decals Made Easy

RC Tip - Decal Application Assistance

When applying decals, avoid touching the adhesive side with your fingers. The oils in your skin can prevent the decals from adhering properly. Use the tip of a hobby knife to lift the decal off its backing. This will also …

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How to Remember which battery is charged

RC Tip - Did I Charge This One?

If you run electric vehicles, you probably have several battery packs to keep track of, and you want to be sure that the pack you just installed is charged. Wrap a rubber band around your packs. When you remove a …

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RC Coupler Connector made easy

RC Tip - Coupler Connector

Exhaust coupler springs are small, yet strong. If you slip when connecting one of these tiny springs you could end up launching it into oblivion. Wire can be used to connect the pipe to the header. Florist wire, 22ga., is …

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