Saturday, June 15, 2024

How to Keep Track of RC Shock Collar Height

Shock collar tracking mark


AT A GLANCE WHAT IS IT: Mark your shock collars to track tuning

WHAT IT DOES: Allows you to easily count the number of turns on the collar when altering ride height
REQUIRES: File or rotary tool

Have you ever seen someone on the driver’s stand yell down to their pit guy and tell them to adjust shock collar height? If you are a hardcore racer, you probably noticed it happen. But then you may have thought, how can they count the turns precisely without a caliper to check to make sure adjustments are equal? We’re going to show you how.

Make Your Mark
To track how many turns you adjust shock collars, you simply need to mark the collar. First, take your shocks off your vehicle and turn the collars so they are all the way at the top. Now with a small file or rotary tool, make a small groove in the collar dead center below the shock cap’s mount hole. Once you mount the shock back on the car with the grooves facing forward, you’ll be able to easily count the number of turns you tune the collar as the mark spins around.

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