Friday, May 24, 2024

MIP STICKEEZ Foam Insert Strips

MIP STICKEEZ Foam Insert Strips

It’s not a secret that one of the most important parts of your race vehicle are the tires…heck, they’re about 75% of the setup. With the invention of the super soft, sticky compounds, there are times where the tire and insert can squirm around, causing inconsistent handling. MIP has released their STICKEEZ, strips that bond the close-cell foam to the wheel.

The STICKEEZ are double-sided, adhesive-backed strips that keep your foam in place, keep the tires balanced and won’t allow them to move around. One awesome thing about these is that they are semi-permanent, allowing you to remove the foam without damaging it.

Includes 8 MIP STICKEEZ for 1/10 SC or 1/8 scale

Link: www.miponline.com

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