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Dialing-in The SCX24 With Pro-Line Roller Upgrades


It is impressive the numerous amounts of mini RC trucks that have been released in the last 18 months. Understandable, since they have a capability to be driven indoors or outside, most come out of the box with everything needed to get them running and boast a relatively low price tag. One of the standouts in this mini truck segment is the well-equipped and great-performing Axial SCX24 line of RTR trucks. Currently Axial offers six different SCX24 trucks including the brand new Axial SCX24 1940s Dodge Power Wagon shown here. If you own one of these trucks or are planning to get one, you will appreciate this article. Here we are dialing-in the SCX24 with Pro-Line roller upgrades so that you can make an already capable mini truck even better.

Dialing-in The SCX24 With Pro-Line Roller Upgrades


1/24 Rock Shooter Brass 1.0” Wheels—PRO281200

Dialing-in The SCX24 With Pro-Line Roller UpgradesA great way to boost the crawling performance on an Axial SCX24 is by adding weight to the wheels. This will drastically lower the center of gravity of the truck, thus making it less likely to roll over. One way to achieve this is by adding the Pro-Line 1/24 Rock Shooter Brass 1.0” Wheels. Each of these internal bead-loc wheels are composed of three pieces. All three pieces are CNC machined from high-quality brass for the most possible weight added. The inner and outer faces of the wheels are finished in black and combined with the retro style of the Rock Shooters, the SCX24 will have a stylish, scale appearance.

Dialing-in The SCX24 With Pro-Line Roller UpgradesEach wheel weighs in at an impressive 65-grams, which is considerable when compared to Pro-Line plastic wheels at 4-grams. When adding a full set of four, it gives the mini truck over 120-grams of unsprung weight. Not only will this reduce the number of backward tip overs while crawling inclines, but they will also enhance the suspension articulation on off-camber side hilling and tackling rough terrain. Pro-Line includes the hardware to easily assemble the Rock Shooter Brass wheels that only require three screws per wheel. As for tires, they will work with a wide range of Pro-Line and Axial 1.0” tires.

1/24 Brass Internal Bead-Loc Rings—PRO281800

If you are not looking to add as much weight to the SCX24 as the Rock Shooter wheels highlighted above, these 1/24 Brass Internal Bead-Loc Rings are a great option. As the name suggests, this is just the internal ring that is CNC machined from solid brass and replaces the stock plastic internal ring on the plastic wheels.

At 17-grams each, the Brass Internal Bead-Loc Rings will increase the unsprung weight by 68-grams. This is a noticeable boost in weight when you realize the stock plastic rings weigh in at under 1-gram per ring. Swapping the Brass Rings for the plastic units is easy since there are only three screws per wheel and you will see similar performance gains as with the Rock Shooters. Once equipped, the SCX2 will flip backwards less on steep ascents as well as be more stable when side hilling.

Dialing-in The SCX24 With Pro-Line Roller Upgrades
These are 1/24 Brass Internal Bead-Loc Rings mounted on a plastic wheel.



1/24 Dual Stage 1.0 Crawling Foams—PRO616900

Dialing-in The SCX24 With Pro-Line Roller Upgrades

If you are new to rock crawling, tire inserts may not be on your radar for improving handling and overall performance on the rocks. The Pro-Line 1/24 Dual Stage 1.0 Crawling Foams are the exact type of tire insert that can make a difference for the Axial SCX24 trucks.

These inserts are named dual stage since the inner portion of the insert are made from lightweight blue closed cell foam while the outer are made from soft open cell foam. This special combination will allow for maximum grip while maintaining a fully supported sidewall from the inner closed cell foam for utmost side-hilling performance. Pro-Line ensured that the Dual Stage Foams are contoured precisely to match the shape of Pro-Line’s 1.0” tires. Small details like this will yield better tire performance not to mention appearance. A total of four Dual Stage Crawling Foams are included in one package so that you can outfit your entire SCX24.



Following is a list of five Pro-Line 1.0” tire options for the Axial SCX24. After you decide on how you are dialing-in the SCX24 with Pro-Line roller upgrades mentioned above, it is then time to pick some aftermarket tires to finish of the modification.

All five of these Pro-Line 1.0” tires come in packs of four instead of the typical two that Pro-Line usually sells their tires. They come out of the package already mounted and ready for install. Don’t be worried about trusting a glue bond between the tires and wheels because these tires are all secured to the wheels with Pro-Line’s internal bead lock system. The unique three-piece plastic wheel design bolts together in the back and locks onto the crawler tire using just three screws.

You will notice that amongst these five tires, there are two different wheels that are spec’d. One is the mini version of the popular Holcomb Wheels and are used with the Mickey Thompson Baja Pro X tires, the Interco Super Swamper TSL SC tires and the Maxxis Trepador tires. These unique, retro-inspired wheels are made to have a +2mm offset for a wider stance. The other is the mini version of the extremely well-liked Impulse wheels which have a great scale look complete with molded in bead-loc ring and lug nuts for realism.

1/24 Mickey Thompson Baja Pro X 1.0” Tires Mounted on Mini Holcomb Black Bead-Loc Wheels—#PRO1021510

The 1/24 Mickey Thompson Baja Pro X tires are one of the largest tires coming in at 2.3” tall and 0.85” wide and arguably has the most aggressive tread. There is so much to these from the Tread Biter cleats for serious traction, mud scoops for more cleaning power to the Massive Sidebiters and angled shoulder scallops for extreme side grip. Pro-Line makes these tires out of a super soft compound and come with soft foam inserts.

1/24 Interco Super Swamper TSL SC 1.0” Tires Mounted on Mini Holcomb Black Bead-Loc Wheels—#PRO1021410

Next are the officially licensed Interco Super Swamper TSL SX 1.0” tires that are dead-on reproductions of the full size off-road tires. And these tires are not just about scale looks, they will also perform on the rocks thus making your Axial SCX24 a hardcore crawler. Like the Mickey Thompson tires, they are molded in Pro-Line’s soft rubber compound and include soft foam inserts to support the tires.

1/24 Maxxis Trepador 1.0” Tires Mounted on Mini Holcomb Black Bead-Loc Wheels—#PRO1022510

Here is the biggest tire out of the bunch where the Maxxis Trepador rises 2.5” tall thus making it purpose-built for high competition. Soft foam inserts ride inside the tire which is molded in Pro-Line’s super soft compound. If you are at all familiar with the Trepador M8060 tire, you will see that Pro-Line nailed this 1.0” crawler tire. It has the multi-curve tread siping for improved traction on loose dirt and slippery terrain and ultra-aggressive sidewall for excellent traction when running though sand or rocks. Special to the Trepador tire is the tread element arrangement that ensures uniform contact area for a greatest contact patch.

1/24 Trencher 1.0” Tires Mounted on Mini Impulse Black Bead-Loc Wheels—#PRO1020910 —AND— 1/24 Hyrax 1.0” Tires Mounted on Mini Impulse Black Bead-Loc Wheels—#PRO1019410

Both the Trencher and Hyrax 1.0” mounted tires a molded with an extremely aggressive tread pattern with each tread block containing sipes to provide more tread flex. If you closely study the tires, you will see that both are equipped with connected tread on the sidewall that extend out for excellent side-hilling ability. Specific to the Hyrax are futuristic stepped tread blocks that create even more forward gripping edges to dig into slick rock. These tires have an overall height of 2.10” and a width of 0.75” while the Trenchers are 2.25” with a width of 0.85”.

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