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Editor’s Favorite Pro-Line And PROTOform RC Bodies


It is not all that uncommon for us editors here at RC Driver to get into long debates about RC products. Recently we were discussing the numerous car and truck bodies produced by Pro-Line and PROTOform. This led us to debate which bodies are our favorite for each of the five most popular classes in RC. After a good amount of time we determined our picks. We only focused on the top five classes and the current products from Pro-Line and PROTOform. Consequently, here are the editor’s favorite Pro-Line and PROTOform RC bodies for the Monster Truck, Rock Crawling, Short Course, Touring Car and Drag Car segments.

Editor’s Favorite Pro-Line And PROTOform RC Bodies


Pro-Line Pre-Cut Jeep Gladiator Rubicon Clear Body—#PRO353317

Deciding on which monster truck body to choose became steered by the Traxxas X-Maxx when it was brought up in the debate. It is such a killer vehicle and clearly is a monster of RC trucks. We ended up choosing the Pro-Line Pre-Cut Jeep Gladiator clear body with the main reason being it drastically alter the look of the truck in stock form. The Jeep Gladiator obviously appeals to Jeep fans and to hardcore off-road enthusiasts. It combines the styling cues that lets everyone know it is a Jeep with the ruggedness of a truck that is ready to tackle some serious off-roading adventurers. This body was built to work with the stock Traxxas X-Maxx cage and body mounting system and comes pre-cut to make mounting it up hassle-free.

Pro-Line sells the Jeep Gladiator body clear so that you can lay down your own paint scheme and polish it off by utilizing the detail sticker sheet. The outside of the body is protected with overspray film and window masks are provided to make finishing the body easier.


Editor’s Favorite Pro-Line And PROTOform RC BodiesLength: 27.0” (685mm)
Width: 1.8” (274mm)
Height: 8.5” (216mm)
Wheelbase: 18.9” (480mm)


  • Amazing Jeep Gladiator Licensed Scale Looks
  • Pre-Cut for Convenience
  • Transform your X-MAXX into an Adventure Ready Truck
  • Paint-then-peel Overspray Film Included
  • Made with Crystal Clear Polycarbonate


Pro-Line 1946 Dodge Power Wagon Clear Body—#PRO349900

We are drawn to old school vehicles and one of the toughest looking in this group is certainly the 1946 Dodge Power Wagon. Pro-Line put in the effort and made this body incredibly well detailed to help replicate the look of the original Dodge truck. It is modeled after the first generation Power Wagon complete with its iconic front end. Including the huge flat panel style fender flares, large round headlight buckets and aggressive looking flat front grill. A cool feature is that Pro-Line designed the round headlight buckets so that you could install LED’s.

Other details include textured rocker panels with realistic undercuts. Pro-Line created the Power Wagon body in two pieces—one for the cab and one for the bed. This allows you to build the Power Wagon as a complete truck or leave off the bed so you can install a custom bed. This body will make your rock crawler stand out from the rest.


Editor’s Favorite Pro-Line And PROTOform RC BodiesLength: 18.6” (482mm)
Width at doors: 5.8” (146mm)
Width at fenders: 8.3” (211mm)
Height: 5.8” (146mm)
Wheelbase: 12.3” (312mm)

  • Realistic 1946 Power Wagon Scale Crawler Body
  • Separate Cab and Bed for Ultra-realism
  • Menacing Front Grill and Large Fender Flares
  • Separate Round Headlights allow for LED’s
  • Made with crystal clear polycarbonate


Pro-Line 1981 Ford Bronco Clear Body—PRO342300

Part of selecting our favorite bodies for each segment was the idea of making the car or truck look different than what the status quo is for that segment. For instance, short course trucks are sold with pick-up truck bodies and tend to all end up looking the same. The Pro-Line 1981 Ford Bronco body is the perfect deviation from the norm. It has classic looks and was molded after the full size Broncos from the 80’s that were popular among full-size off-road racers. Give the clear Pro-Line Bronco body a full-scale race-inspired paint job and you will have one sweet off-road racing short course truck on your hands. Like all of Pro-Line’s bodies, window mask, overspray film and a sticker sheet are included.


Length: 20.8” (528mm)
Width, front: 11.6” (295mm)
Height: 6.0” (152mm)
Wheelbase: 13.0” (330mm)

  • Licensed 1981 Ford Bronco Scale Looks
  • Transforms your Short Course truck into a True Scale Bronco
  • Recreate the look of a Full Size Off-Road Racer
  • Made with Crystal Clear polycarbonate


PROTOform Chevrolet Corvette C8 Clear Body—PRM157425

Editor’s Favorite Pro-Line And PROTOform RC Bodies Between Pro-Line and PROTOform, PROTOform is the company that is purely focused on all on-road vehicles like touring cars. There are currently 18 different touring cars offered by PROTOform and we quickly picked the Chevrolet Corvette C8 because we love the full-size and the 1/10-scale version shown here. This super-car features a mid-engine layout and a killer-looking body design thus making it the perfect subject for PROTOform to make into one of their USGT bodies.

It turns out that the PROTOform Chevrolet Corvette C8 officially licensed body is perfectly suited for the USGT class of racing. All the exceptional details of the 1:1 counterpart including aggressive cab forward design, striking front splitter, and sculpted side doors and vents are captured using the latest in 3D CAD and 5-axis milling tech. Once you spray-on your paint scheme and apply the included detail stickers, this body comes to life. The molded-in details like the body lines on the Chevrolet Corvette C8 body truly pop thanks to the high-quality polycarbonate that PROTOform uses. Coming in the package along with the body is overspray film, window masks, a rear wing, wing buttons and mounting hardware.


Editor’s Favorite Pro-Line And PROTOform RC BodiesLength: 17.68 in. (449mm)
Width: 7.6 in. (193mm)
Wheelbase: 10.1 in. (257mm)

  • Incredible Scale Details
  • Officially-licensed by General Motors
  • USGT Ready
  • Fits modern 190mm touring cars
  • Includes Wing Buttons & Under-wing Nuts


Pro-Line 1972 Plymouth Barracuda Clear Body—PRO355000

Editor’s Favorite Pro-Line And PROTOform RC BodiesAlthough it is the last RC segment on this favorite’s list, Drag Cars are arguably one of the most popular in RC today due to the meteoric growth in the no-prep RC drag racing scene. When we discussed the various body options in this segment, we wanted to stay away from the common bodies that people typically think of like Mustangs and Camaros. The editor’s favorite Pro-Line and PROTOform RC body for drag cars is also one of the most iconic muscle cars in history…the 1972 Plymouth Barracuda clear body.

As you can see from the photos, this ultra-scale body faithfully captures all the details that made the ‘Cuda so well-loved. Pro-Line provides two full stickers sheets with one that includes the famous Hemi quarter-panel livery graphics and the other gives you the other details like front grill, head and tail lights, marker lights, door handles and a bunch of others that will bring this clear body to life. Along with the body is an optional polycarbonate rear spoiler with the hardware included that can be bolted onto the rear end, which nicely complete the drag car look.


Editor’s Favorite Pro-Line And PROTOform RC Bodies Length: 23.0” (584mm)
Width: 11.5” (292mm)
Height: 5.9” (150mm)
Wheelbase: 13.2” (335mm)

  • Fully Licensed 1972 Plymouth Barracuda
  • Perfect for No-Prep Drag Racing
  • Incredible Scale Detail with a One-Piece Body Design
  • Optional add-on Rear Spoiler with Hardware Included
  • Made from Durable Polycarbonate
  • Includes Hemi Quarter-Panel Livery Graphics
  • Paint-then-peel Overspray Film Included

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