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PROTOform oval bodies to achieve on-track success


Precision, aerodynamics and high-quality materials are just some of the determining factors that make it possible to win when oval racing. Racers are always looking for that edge over the competition and intelligent body selection is essential to gain that advantage. In this article we will show you the PROTOform oval bodies to achieve on-track success for both 1/10-scale carpet and dirt oval racing.

PROTOform oval bodies to achieve on-track success

Nor’easter Clear Body—#1238-30

Kicking off the group of PROTOform oval bodies to achieve on-track success is the PROTOform Nor’easter clear Late Model body. It is the only body in this list designed specifically for dirt oval racing and it is a great representation of a full-size Late Model racecar. With this body the racer inherits the latest in aerodynamic styling taken from 1:1 late models which will provide more steering and side bite. The more pronounced side skirts are not just for appearance and offer better stability and rigidity to the body. Up front was tweaked to permit more body lean by giving it extra clearance around the right front fender while the front splitter was also reconfigured.

PROTOform oval bodies to achieve on-track successThe PROTOform Nor’easter is race proven with impressive wins under its belt. It can fit all the popular dirt oval late model pan car chassis and it even meets all the Dirt Oval National Rulebook specifications. When you open of the package, you will find that the body comes with a pre-cut and pre-drilled spoiler kit that includes the end plates and hardware needed for installation. There is also a nice detailed decal sheet that gives you the option of two different sets of headlight and grille options as well as window masks. PROTOform utilizes genuine .030” polycarbonate for the Nor’easter that is protected by paint-then-peel overspray film.


  • Length: 21.5″ (540mm)
  • Width: 10.0″ (254mm) 10.5 in (267mm) at leading edge of front wheel opening; 10 in (254mm) at trailing edge of front wheel opening
  • Height: 4.375″ (111mm)

ORT Truck Clear Body—#1227-21

Next is the only truck in this group, enter the PROTOform ORT truck clear body. With close inspection of the body, you can see styling cues and aerodynamic treatments from all four of the brands represented in the NASCAR truck series are incorporated onto the ORT body. From its molded-in front splitter to its add-on rear spoiler…it’s a serious race body. PROTOform gave it two sets of trim lines for both carpet/foam racing (4.5-inch minimum height) and outdoor-capped tire racing (4.75-inch minimum height).

The PROTOform ORT comes with clear protective film to keep paint overspray from ruining the body, spoiler mounting hardware and window masks that make the painting process easier. The ORT decal sheet features optional headlight and grill styles as well as all the Craftsman Truck’s body details. According to PROTOform, testing has proven that the ORT truck body performs as well as it looks. It turns in hard and comes off stable.

PROTOform oval bodies to achieve on-track successSPECS

  • Length: 17.6″ (448mm)
  • Width: 7.9″ (200mm)
  • Height: 4.7″ (120mm)
  • Wheelbase: 11.4″ (290mm)


Gen3-C Light Weight Clear Body—#1237-25

PROTOform designed the Gen3-C light weight clear body specifically for the oval racer and enthusiast and will fit most popular 200mm sedan chassis. NASCAR is arguably the most popular form of full size oval racing and that is where PROTOform derived this great-looking and great-performing body. Within the NASCAR family is the NASCAR Nationwide Series which has created a racecar that is totally unique. Compared to previous years, the nose and grill incorporate more detail and brand identity. The PROTOform Gen3-C oval body follows what was done in the Nationwide Series and even shares the “kicked-up” rear quarter panels seen on the full size racers. This increases downforce without the penalty of an oversized spoiler.

PROTOform includes an add-on blade spoiler and a double step splitter/spoiler for the front valance. You will notice that the left side features a bumped out area for added battery clearance and left side weight bias. At the rear, the window/trunk rail has been enlarged just like the full-size NASCAR racecars. The Gen3-C body itself is molded in PROTOform’s .025” crystal clear polycarbonate and you can lay down the paint scheme of your choosing. Along with the body, PROTOform gives you the spoiler mounting hardware, protective overspray film, window masks and a detail decal sheet.


  • Length: 18.5″ (469mm)
  • Width: 8.25″ (209mm)
  • Height: 4.1″ (103mm)
  • Wheelbase (adjustable): 10-10.5″ (255-270mm)

RT-C Light Weight Clear Body—#1239-25

PROTOform oval bodies to achieve on-track successIf you race oval with rubber tires, be sure to check out the race-proven PROTOform RT-C light weight clear body. This body was inspired by the 1:1 stock cars that raced in the 2017 Xfinity series. What makes this special for the RC oval racing crowd is the RT-C has a bit of a variation where it is configured to perfectly fit over the taller rubber and capped tires. Additionally, you will find the PROTOform RT-C has a bumped out section on the left side of the body for additional battery clearance and a large rear spoiler that can aid in tuning to attain that perfect front to rear balance.

Keeping the body light weight, PROTOform has molded the RT-C out of high-quality .025” polycarbonate. When you open the package for the body, you also get the rear spoiler complete with mounting hardware, overspray protective film, window masks and a decal sheet. Now don’t worry if you are not an oval racer, but you do own 200mm sedan chassis because this body can fit most popular brands.

PROTOform oval bodies to achieve on-track successSPECS

  • Length: 18.5″ (469mm)
  • Width: 8.25″ (209mm)
  • Height: 4.1″ (103mm)
  • Wheelbase (adjustable): 10-10.5″ (255-270mm)



Below are a couple tips that you can use to ensure that your new oval body is cleanly cut out and accurately mounted on the chassis. Getting these things right will contribute to winning at the track.


PROTOform oval bodies to achieve on-track success
PROTOform Better Edge System Sanding Drum—#6103-00

One of the hardest parts of the body to cut out without any flaws are the wheel wells. The solution is the PROTOform Better Edge System Sanding Drum (#6103-00) that was developed just for this task and will help make the edge of the wheel well perfectly smooth. After the wheel well is cut out, install the PROTOform Sanding Drum into your rotary tool, switch it on and the drum will nicely smooth out all the imperfections in the polycarbonate. The diameter of the Sanding Drum at 1.5” is ideal for 1/10-scale bodies featured in this article as well as smaller 1/12-scale and larger like 1/8-scale.

It is clear that PROTOform developed a quality product with the Better Edge System Sanding Drum. High-quality anodized aluminum and steel make up the drum that is nicely finished off with laser-etched PROTOform logos. Each pre-assembled Sanding Drum kit comes with a replaceable high-grade silicon carbide spiral sanding band, rubber anti-slip O-rings and a mandrel made from durable tool steel to prevent damage from your rotary tool’s chuck. Swapping out the sanding band once it is spent is a cinch. With the retainer ring unscrewed, slide off the worn band and slide on a fresh sanding band over the drum. Finger tight on the retainer ring is all you need to secure the new band onto the drum.




PROTOform Crosshair Magnetic Body Mounting Kit—#6032-00

Getting a body accurately mounted on a chassis is tricky and screwing up this step can definitely effect the on-track performance of an oval racecar. You can help guarantee successfully mounting the body with the PROTOform Crosshair Magnetic Body Mounting Kit (#6032-00). Placing the holes perfectly on the body is essential because if they are out of place, even a small amount, the aerodynamics will be partially compromised and the wheels will not sit correctly within the wheel wells.

Thanks to the use of high-powered magnets, PROTOform is able to give you this tool that allows you to precisely pinpoint the location of the body post holes. The red metal cap looking pieces slide over the body posts on the chassis and each one is fitted with a high-powered magnet. Then you grab the body and position it on top of the chassis; being careful to have it equally spaced all around. Next you place one of the loose magnets on the surface of the body approximately where the body post would be and complete this step for all four body posts. Each magnet has a hole in its center so that you can mark the body with a fine tip marker exactly where the hole needs to be for the body posts to pass through. The last step is to make the holes in the body with a body reamer and then your oval body will sit perfectly on the chassis.


PROTOform Team Decals—#9912-39


You can further customize the look of your new oval body with PROTOform’s Team Decals (#9912-39). These decals can provide that added touch of detail and make your race ride stand apart from the rest and clearly show the world your team colors. Two sheets are included and are printed on highly flexible yet durable vinyl.


PROTOform oval bodies to achieve on-track success
PROTOform PROTOshine RC Body Cleaner—#6263-00



Part of oval racing or bashing is that the body on a car or truck will become scuffed and marked up from contacting other vehicles or objects. Keeping a bottle of PROTOform PROTOshine RC Body Cleaner (#6263-00) on hand will help keep your oval bodies looking like new. Just apply some PROTOshine onto a lint-free cloth and wipe the blemishes off the car or truck body. It works great to remove scuffs, tire marks, dirt and other minor battle scars caused from a hard day at the oval track or backyard.






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