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$45 & Under Stocking Stuffers From Pro-Line & PROTOform


With the holidays upon us, we figured it was the perfect time to share some very affordable RC gift ideas with you. Below are $45 & under stocking stuffers from Pro-Line & PROTOform that won’t put the hurt on your wallet and you or the gift recipient will gain a quality and useful new RC item. There are ten products in all and we have them broken down in price ranges to work with nearly any budget.

$45 & Under Stocking Stuffers From Pro-Line & PROTOform

$45 – $31 RANGE

Pro-Line 1/10 Car Stand
$41.99, item #PRO625800

$45 & Under Stocking Stuffers From Pro-Line & PROTOformMake your life easier when wrenching on your ride with the Pro-Line 1/10 Car Stand. This stand was inspired from the world of motocross to not only look like MX style stands but also be as tough thanks to its rigid alloy construction. Each one is laser cut, bent and powder-coated blue which makes it great-looking and super strong to either display your RC car or be a solid work base. Notice the four holes down the center of the stand…those holes can be used during shock rebuilds. Pro-Line then included push-in rubber grommets that will protect the chassis of your car and keep it from sliding around. The 1/10 car stand measures 3.0” tall x 5” x 5.25”, ideal for 1/10-scale cars and trucks.

PROTOform Better Edge System: Sanding Drum
$33.99, item #PRM610300

If you want the new body you spent time and money to paint and detail to look its best then you must consider PROTOform Better Edge System: Sanding Drum to help ensure it is finished as good as possible. The Better Edge Sanding Drum is the first product specifically made for RC racers to finish off the perfect wheel-well. Just use a handheld rotary tool and the Better Edge Sanding Drum will smooth out all of the imperfections left from cutting your polycarbonate body with scissors. At 1.5-inches in diameter, it’s suitable for use on many scales of body: from 1/12-scale on up to 1/8 or even off-road bodies. The Sanding Drum comes with a replaceable high-grade silicon carbide spiral sanding band, rubber anti-slip O-rings and a mandrel made from durable tool steel to prevent damage from your rotary tool’s chuck.

PROTOform Crosshair Magnetic Body Mounting Kit
$33.99, item #PRM603200

$45 & Under Stocking Stuffers From Pro-Line & PROTOformPrecisely mounting a newly painted body tends to be difficult for most hobbyist. PROTOform acknowledged this and created the Crosshair Magnetic Body Mounting Kit. When using this tool your new body will be mounted perfectly straight as well as having the wheel wells perfectly positioned over the tires. You can spend hours carefully painting a body only to then botch the mounting of it onto the chassis. The key component to the PROTOform Crosshair Magnetic Body Mounting Kit are the high-powered magnets that pinpoint the exact position of your vehicle’s body posts. It is made from high-quality red-anodized aluminum and includes a convenient storage box.

$45 & Under Stocking Stuffers From Pro-Line & PROTOformPROTOform Body Grip Tool
$31.14, item #PRM634901

If you have never seen the PROTOform Body Grip Tool, you may be lost as to what it does. It comes into play when you are in the process of painting a body where it will help eliminate those paint jobs that get ruined from fingerprints in the wet paint that happen while holding a pre-cut body. This good looking ergonomic PROTOform Body Grip Tool allows you to hold the body effortlessly and comfortably. Choose to hold the body like a shifter knob for easy rotation or slide it in between your fingers at the narrow base to palm the body effortlessly like a cell phone. Either way you grip it, you can rest assured that your RC body will no longer be a pain to hold while painting. Made from Type 1 PVC, it includes two suction cups to easily adapt to many body sizes and shapes to securely hold to either the roof or windshield of the body being painted.

$30 – $16 RANGE

PROTOform Car Bag
$29.99, item #PRM629600

If you are like us and want to keep your car protected from getting scuffed and scratched when being transported or stored, grab the PROTOform Car Bag. It ideal for 1/10-scale touring cars and 1/12-scale cars. PROTOform spec’d a high-quality heather gray material that is embroidered with the PROTOform wordmark. It uses a cinch string to close up the bag and will easily fit a 190mm touring car complete with body and wing attached. You can also toss the bag over your shoulder to free up your hands to carry or tow your other RC gear.

Pro-Line Roll-Up Pit Mat
$28.99, item #PRO990801

Setup your wrenching area and or pit table with this Pro-Line Roll-Up Pit Mat. is the ideal item for the racer or even the basher. It is made from a light-weight material which is durable, extra-thick, non-slip and can resist most of the chemicals normally used in RC. The Mat measures 2×3-feet to give you plenty of space to setup all the gear you need for a day of racing, bashing or wrenching at home. It is brilliantly colored in Pro-Line blue and has sweet multi-colored Pro-Line logos. If you are not using it, it can be simply rolled up and stored or transported.

Pro-Line Lid Skid Body Protectors
$19.99, item #PRO636000

Out of all the$45 & under stocking stuffers from Pro-Line & PROTOform, the Pro-Line Lid Skid Body Protectors are the only item which is attached to your car or truck. These protectors are ideal if you want to keep your RC body looking good as well as lasting as long as possible. Made from high-strength black nylon and can be attached to strategic locations on the outside of the body. The idea is to place them on the body you select where they will offer the best body protection during those inevitable crashes. Let them take the brunt of the contact with the ground so the body does not get gouged or scratched up. The Lid Skid Body Protectors offer a universal fit and includes two 4-inch long pieces, two 3-inch long pieces, two 2-inch long pieces and four 1-inch pieces—enough to protect most any scale body.

$45 & Under Stocking Stuffers From Pro-Line & PROTOformPro-Line RC Detail + Shine Spray
$16.99, item #PRO636700

Keep the chassis, body and any other plastic parts on your RC vehicle clean and shiny like new with the Pro-Line RC Detail + Shine Spray. It comes in a large 18-ounce spray can and it will not leave any greasy residue or appearance on the vehicle. Pro-Line made sure this unique formula will repel dust and will restore RC parts to factory-fresh condition. A micro-thin UV protective layer is left behind which will moisturize and help shield parts from dirt and debris on the next bash session. It is a great all in one product to keep your RC rides looking and operating their best.

$15 & UNDER

Pro-Line Tire Glue
$12.99, item #PRO603100

Not all instant glue is the same and you can avoid getting yourself aggravated when gluing tires by getting the right kind for the job, specifically the Pro-Line Tire Glue. Taking a cheap route with inferior tire glue will quickly be revealed when racing or bashing your RC ride because the bond between the tire and wheel will be inadequate and fail. Pro-Line set out to not only develop a tire glue that would be as strong as possible, but it also needed to have the correct flow characteristics and drying time that bashers and racers are looking for. Pro-Line states on their website that this tire glue has a “hold strength of 3,200 PSI and that is the highest strength tire glue available.” Additionally, this glue dries crystal clear without whitening or yellowing which commonly occurs when using other glues. Included with the Pro-Line Tire Glue are translucent yellow Pro-Line applicator tips that are specifically designed to snap onto the bottle for a secure fit, are reusable and have just the right size opening for gluing tires. Each bottle of Pro-Line tire glue includes two of these applicator tips.

Pro-Line Tire Rubber Bands
$8.99, item #PRO629800

$45 & Under Stocking Stuffers From Pro-Line & PROTOform

The most affordable stocking stuffer out of the bunch are these Pro-Line Tire Rubber Bands at only $8.99 for four bands—enough to glue a complete set of tires. Use these to aid in the tire gluing process where they will hold the tire against the wheel so the tire glue can fully cure. These bands can fit on 1/10-scale buggy, truck and short course tires and even larger 1/8-scale buggy tires. They come in Pro-Line’s go-to blue color and are completed with the white Pro-Line logo.

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