Sunday, April 21, 2024

My Axial Adventure – Pollock Pines

Share Your Adventure. Axials third film in this series took place at Pollock Pines in July. Sound familiar? It should, this was Axialfest 2022, and camping was back! The Axialfest event is always an adventure and now that everyone was able to camp too, that really made this an Axial Adventure for everyone. We wanted the focus of this film to be you – we wanted to meet people, get to know them and see what an adventure means to them.

Axial built the trails and made sure everything was ready – then we went out and met people like Rami and Skye who adventure as Mom and Son; Dan who first started years ago as an activity to do when camping; and Ashlynn who loves to express her creativity for the concours as well as hitting the trails.

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