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Simple RTR Renovations for Arrma, Associated & Axial Vehicles


Ready-to-run (RTR) vehicles are ideal for opening the door to allow countless people to participate in the RC hobby. RTR vehicles come out of the box completely assembled with even the body fully painted and detailed. So as soon as you have the batteries charged, you can be out tearing around with your new ride. After some time your car or truck will start to show some wear and tear from those inevitable crashes and thankfully this does not mean you need to replace the entire vehicle. Instead we are blessed in this hobby to have heaps of option parts and accessories to choose from that we can use to revamp our tired rides. Following are three simple RTR renovations for Arrma, Associated & Axial vehicles. We choose one RTR from each of the aforementioned manufacturers to illustrate how you can easily update and improve your car or truck. The vehicles highlighted are the Axial SCX10 III Base Camp rock crawler, the Arrma Kraton 6S brushless monster truck and the Team Associated DR10 2WD drag race car. You can apply these suggestions to nearly any RTR so don’t worry if you do not have one of these specific RTRs.

Simple RTR Renovations for Arrma, Associated & Axial Vehicles

Axial SCX10 III Base Camp rock crawler — #AXI03027T1

Simple RTR Renovations for Arrma, Associated & Axial Vehicles

Pro-Line 1966 Chevrolet C-10 clear body — #PRO348300

Simple RTR Renovations for Arrma, Associated & Axial VehiclesThe old-school styling of the Pro-Line 1966 Chevrolet C-10 body is just killer looking. It is a great way to transform the looks of the Axial Scx10 III Base Camp rock crawler. The 1966 Chevrolet C-10 is an officially licensed body that comes in two separate pieces: the front cab section and the rear bed.

When closely looking at the photos of the Chevy C-10 body, you can see that Pro-Line took its time and carefully sculpted it with realistic undercut detail that is only made possible with Pro-Line’s molding technology. Without that technology, the C-10 would not have all of its stunning detail. Along with the two molded body parts, a detail sticker sheet, window mask and overspray film is included.

Pro-Line Interco Bogger 1.9” G8 mounted tires — #10133-10

Axial spec’d Falken Wildpeak tires for the Base Camp crawler and they work quite well. To change things up to alter its looks and tweak performance, try the Pro-Line Interco Bogger 1.9” G8 tires. They which will give this rig a much more aggressive look while retaining scale detail. These tires are essentially mud bogging tires so they are ideal for ripping through the mud. Even if you don’t plan on bogging, the directional tread pattern with patented Interco TSL (three stage lug) design are just so cool looking that they add a lot to the overall looks of a rock crawler like the Base Camp.

The Interco Bogger 1.9” tires come pre-mounted on Pro-Line Impulse black plastic 1.9” wheels. They have a three piece wheel design that bolts together in the back and locks on to the Interco Bogger tires via 6 screws. This complete tire and wheel package look so good together and will nicely update the Axial Base Camp crawler.

Simple RTR Renovations for Arrma, Associated & Axial Vehicles
Pro-Line 4” Super-Bright LED light bar kit — #PRO627601

Pro-Line offers a nice selection of LED Light Bars that come in different lengths to suit various bodies and look you are trying to achieve with your truck. We found that the 4” Super-Bright LED Light Bar Kit is ideal for 1/10-scale trucks and it is just long enough to have the right proportion without being too big.

This Light Bar comes with 20 LED bulbs pre-wired and is fitted with a 12-inch long cable that can be plugged directly into a receiver for power. The other option to power the light bar is to plug it directly into a 3S LiPo power source to generate super-bright LED light since the lights are rated for 6V to 12V power. Pro-Line includes the mounts and hardware to allow you to custom install the bar onto your truck. The Light Bar mimics the looks of the ones found on full-size trucks and come with housing that are molded out of durable black nylon finished with a P-L logo.

Arrma Kraton 6S brushless monster truck — #ARA8608V5

Simple RTR Renovations for Arrma, Associated & Axial Vehicles

Pro-Line Road Rage 3.8” Mounted Street Tires — #PRO117710

When you own a super-powerful monster truck that is powered by a 6S brushless motor system like the Arrma Kraton, you are going to perform a load of high-speed passes up and down the street. Simple RTR Renovations for Arrma, Associated & Axial VehiclesIn order to better dial-in the on-road handling of a truck like the Kraton, we suggest swapping out the stock wheels and tires for these pre-mounted Pro-Line Road Rage 3.8” Street Tires. They are a great option if you want to save some money since they are more affordable than the belted tires also offered by Pro-Line.

The Road Rage tires are designed with an ultra-low sidewall and gives you the maximum in predictability, stability and responsiveness. Now the tire does not get all the attention because the wheel that Pro-Line includes is quite cool. The Pro-Line Raid 3.8” Removable Hex Wheel allows you to replace a damaged wheel hex without needing to replace an entire glued tire. A unique interlocking hex design is bolted into the wheel using eight M3 screws. If the wheel hex becomes damaged, just unscrew the M3 screws and install a new wheel hex.

Pro-Line Pre-Cut 2020 Ram Rebel 1500 clear body — #PRO353417

Depending on what you want to do with the Arrma Kraton, we selected two body options for you. The first is the Pro-Line Pre-Cut 2020 Ram Rebel 1500 clear body that is purpose made to fit the Arrma Kraton 6S perfectly and is made from durable polycarbonate. This is a great option if you want a more realistic looking body which Pro-Line did a nice job creating this fully licensed body. It has the same tough and modern looks that can be found on the full size Ram Rebel pickup truck. As a clear body, you can pick the exact paint scheme that you want and recreate your favorite Ram Rebel or Big Horn edition truck since Pro-Line includes two different headlight and grill trim options along with other detailed graphics on the sticker sheet. And don’t worry about getting overspray on the outside of the body because it is protected with overspray film.

Pro-Line Pre-Cut Brute Bash Armor white body — #PRO352115

Here is the other body we picked for the Arrma Kraton. Although it is also pre-cut, this body is molded from Pro-Line’s Bash Armor material which is twice as thick as regular 1/8-scale bodies yet is ultra-flexible to reduce the chance of cracking and shattering. The super durable Brute Bash Armor body was developed from the ground up to be the toughest body Pro-Line has ever produced. Like the 2020 Ram Rebel 1500 body shown above, this body is also designed to perfectly fit on the Kraton chassis. Since it is made from the Bash Armor material, it comes molded in white and is not paintable. Pro-Line does provide a detail sticker sheet so that you can take the all-white body and complete its look. If you need a body to be super durable, this is your answer. And if you want a body that you can lay down a custom paint job while foregoing a bit a durability, you have the Ram Rebel body mentioned above.

Team Associated DR10 2WD drag race car — #ASC70028

Simple RTR Renovations for Arrma, Associated & Axial Vehicles

Pro-Line 1995 Toyota Supra clear body — #PRO356100

The Team Associated DR10 drag car comes with a classic old-school muscle car body and to make it a true renovation, why not jump to a more modern and iconic tuner body. Here is the Pro-Line 1995 Toyota Supra clear body which is a surefire way to drastically update your DR10.

This body has been faithfully recreated with the rounded shapes and the other styling cues that are found on the full-size car. Pro-Line even includes separate headlight buckets to accurately replicate the 3-dimensional depth of the of the 1995 Supra headlights. This durable polycarbonate body comes clear and includes overspray film, window masks and a sweet looking tuner-style rear wing that is supported by wing struts.

Pro-Line Hoosier Drag 2.2 2WD S3 front drag racing tires & Pro-Line Hoosier Drag slick SC rear 2.2”/3.0” S3 drag racing tires — #PRO10158203 / #PRO10157203

Although not as critical as rear drag tires, it makes sense to select the right tires for the entire car. The Pro-Line Hoosier Drag 2.2 2WD S3 front drag racing tires are fully licensed Hoosier tires that proudly display the bright white Hoosier logo on the sidewall for a scale appearance and will help make your no prep machine look like a true drag car. Pro-Line made these tires available in their soft yet super durable S3 compound. Included with the tires are soft, reusable and water-proof closed cell foam inserts. The Hoosier front tires can be mounted on 2.2” 2WD buggy front wheels and onto Pro-Lines Pomona Drag front wheels cited below.

The perfect complement to the Hoosier Drag front tires are these Hoosier Drag Slick rear drag racing tires. Like the smaller front versions, these Hoosier Drag slicks are fully licensed and come with the iconic bright white Hoosier logo on the sidewalls. You gain the benefit of super scale looking drag tires along with getting maximum grip. These drag slicks are designed to work with Pro-Line 2.2/3.0 wheels and include closed cell foam inserts.

Pro-Line Pomona Drag Spec 2.2 black front wheels & Pro-Line Pomona Drag Spec rear 2.2”/3.0” black wheels — #PRO277503 / ##PRO277603

Designed specifically for the no-prep drag racing scene and offering a perfect fit for the Pro-Line Hoosier Drag 2.2 2WD S3 front drag racing tires are these great looking Pomona Drag Spec 2.2 wheels. The wheels are lightweight, yet quite strong and come with a 12mm hex. Pro-Line made the wheel offset for all those converted Traxxas Slash 2WD trucks as well as the popular Associated DR10 drag racing car. These wheels are molded in black and have a spoke pattern that is reminiscent to the types of wheels you would have seen on full-size drag cars racing at the Pomona drag strip.

Matching the style of the Pomona front wheels are these tough looking Pomona Drag Spec rear wheels. Pro-Line made these wheels to perfectly fit the drag tires mentioned above so you can feel confident that you will get the full performance out of this tire/wheel package. Like the front Pomona wheels, these are molded with a 12mm hex, are lightweight and have the proper offset to work with the Team Associated DR10 drag car.

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