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Revamp Your Thrashed RTR With Upgraded Gear


After numerous bashing sessions, a vehicle will show its inevitable wear and tear. Performance will decline and not be what it was when it first came out of the box nor will its overall appearance. This is by no means enough of a reason for you to walk away from your once priced ride. We will show you how to revamp your thrashed RTR with upgraded gear to make it as good as new and/or even better. The body, wheels/tires and drivetrain will all get attention with some brand new parts. Using the Arrma Outback 4S as an example, you can simply apply the following six recommendations to other vehicles.

Revamp Your Thrashed RTR With Upgraded Gear


Pro-Line Jeep Gladiator Rubicon Clear Body—#PRO357500

Revamp Your Thrashed RTR With Upgraded GearDrastically changing the look of an RTR is always fun since it kind of makes it like you have a brand new vehicle. The fastest and easiest way to achieve this is with a new body like one of the countless bodies sold by Pro-Line. Our Arrma Outcast 4S comes with a retro styled pick-up truck body that looks pretty cool and to change things up, we picked this realistic looking Pro-Line Jeep Gladiator Rubicon clear body. Along with its scale looks this tough-looking body is, officially licensed and will fit nicely on the Outcast 4S. The iconic and unmistakable Jeep styling makes a statement and our Outcast will be ready for some new adventures. Pro-Line has included all the scale Jeep Gladiator detail you would expect incorporated onto the body along with a sticker sheet which will completely transform the look the Outcast or any other truck of similar size. This body comes in one-piece and a simple one color paint scheme can do this body justice. Getting it completed is a cinch thanks to the window masks and overspray film that Pro-Line includes.


  • Length: 17.5” (445mm)
  • Width: 6.4” (163mm)
  • Height: 5.1” (129mm)
  • Wheelbase: 11.5” (292mm)


Revamp Your Thrashed RTR With Upgraded Gear

Pro-Line Lid Skid Body Protectors—#PRO636000

If one of the items you decide to revamp on your thrashed RTR is the body, get some added protection for the new shell with these Pro-Line Lid Skid Body Protectors. Bodies are not super expensive, but once you take the time and add your own paint scheme, they become pretty special. Here Pro-Line offers these great products to help keep the new body lasting longer. They are specifically designed to protect the body for those inevitable roll-overs and end-over-end crashes. Each is made from high-strength black nylon and are meant to be placed on key spots on the exterior of the body. Included in the set are two 4” long pieces, two 3” long pieces, two 2” ling pieces and four 1” long pieces to give you plenty of options to protect nearly any type and style of body. We will be adding these to our new Pro-Line Jeep Gladiator Rubicon body.


Revamp Your Thrashed RTR With Upgraded Gear

Pro-Line Menace HP 3.8” Belted MT Tires Mounted Black Raid—#PRO636000

RTR vehicles come equipped with tires that can perform well on multiple different surfaces, especially the off-road RTRs. On our Arrma Outcast 4S, it came setup with dBoots Back-Flip tires that feature an aggressive tread pattern that are long lasting and can find traction on a wide range of surfaces. Arrma has called the Outcast a stunt truck and we have had a blast bashing this truck on pavement. To this end, we decided to go with these Pro-Line Menace HP 3.8” Belted MT tires that come already mounted on Pro-Line’s Black Raid wheels. Belted tires are awesome for fast on-road driving since they can handle extreme power and high speeds without ballooning. You also get the benefit of much better handling thanks to the low-profile carcass of the Menace tires as well as being lightweight and very durable.

Each tire comes wrapped around Pro-Line’s Raid 3.8” wheels with removable hex. So if the hex is ever damaged, you can simply replace the hex instead of replacing your glued tires. The wheel is molded from high-strength durable DuPont nylon material and has a cool race-inspired 10-spoke design.


Revamp Your Thrashed RTR With Upgraded Gear

Arrma 15T 0.8 Mod Safe-D5 Pinion Gear—#ARA310998

Over the time you bash with your RTR, it is likely that the pinion and spur gears are showing signs of wear. Instead of simply replacing the pinion with the same tooth count that your vehicle came with, consider going up a few teeth. This will give your car or truck a higher top speed. You need to be careful not to overgear your RTR because it can cause the motor to get too hot. It will take some trial and error to figure out what tooth count works best since it depends on driving style and types of terrain you run on. Arrma carries numerous pinion gears of different tooth count and for our Arrma Outcast 4S, we are going to start off with the Arrma 15T 0.8 Mod Safe-D5 pinion gear since the stock pinion is a 13-tooth. These Arrma pinions are constructed of tough steel to handle extreme RC conditions.


Revamp Your Thrashed RTR With Upgraded Gear

Arrma CVD Slider Set—#ARAC3954

The drivetrain takes a tremendous about of abuse when the vehicle is very powerful like the Arrma Outcast 4S which is powered with a potent brushless motor. If you want to make your ride more bulletproof, consider upgrading the drive shafts that go from the gearbox out to the wheels. On our truck we are installing the optional CVD Slider Set from Arrma. To complete the truck, we need two sets. You want to look for optional driveshafts that will be tough and durable. The set shown here comes with stout machined steel diff outdrives and wheel axles along with red anodized 17mm aluminum hex hubs and nuts to add some extra style points to our Outcast truck.


Revamp Your Thrashed RTR With Upgraded Gear

Arrma Ball Bearings—various item numbers

Depending on the types of surfaces you ran your RTR, dirt, grime and moisture could have infiltrated the ball bearings in your RTR thus making them less effective it combating friction. It is a good idea to replace the ball bearings in the drivetrain and transmission when you notice performance dropping off. For our Arrma Outcast 4S, Arrma offers replacement bearings which offer ultra-smooth operation and are precisely manufactured for easy fit. Choose high-quality bearings that have rubber seals to help keep the harmful elements from entering into the bearings and the crucial lubricant inside. You also have the option of purchasing a complete ball bearing kit from companies like Fast Eddy Bearings that carry kits specific to vehicles.

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