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Tamiya BBX Off-Road 2WD Buggy Performance Boost

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We were stoked when the Tamiya BBX was released last year since it is based on a brand new platform, the BB-01 chassis complete with modern features combined with a cool classic appearance. Once we got deep into the build of our BBX, it was clear that this is more than just your average Tamiya vehicle. The parts fit and finish as well as the overall design of the BB-01 chassis has a TRF feel to it. By the time our testing was done, this buggy made a strong impression on us and put itself as one of our current favorite Tamiya rides. This has led to us putting together this Tamiya BBX off-road 2WD buggy performance boost article. We will provide some details about the BBX and suggests some of Tamiya’s Hop-Up option parts to make this buggy even more fun.

Tamiya BBX Off-Road 2WD Buggy Performance Boost


Tamiya knocked it out of the park with the design and execution of the BBX, which is a clear nod to the single-seater race buggies that were popular her in the USA. We also find it reminiscent of the Tamiya Super Champ that was released all the way back in 1982 with its included driver figure and window netting. Six polycarbonate body panels are used to complete the BBX and was designed by famed Japanese artist, Atsushi Arino. This gives the BBX its vintage 1980’s inspired livery that are well matched to a full set of retro wheels and tires. Additionally, there are light buckets included in the kit that can be added to the front of the buggy, on either side of the driver, roof as well as the rear. Making these light buckets fully functional with Tamiya’s optional LEDs would really bring the BBX to life.

View of the elaborate and scale-looking roll cage with the body panels removed.


The battery pack is positioned in the center of the chassis. Remove the nose cowl and a stopper pin to access it.

Underneath the body panels sits a hybrid monocoque-roll cage with a shallow tub chassis that gives the BBX a realistic look. Tamiya positioned the battery laterally in the center of the chassis toward the front and is accessed by removing the nose cowl and a stopper pin. At the rear, a section of the roll cage can be raised to give access to the rear mounted motor. The motor spins a sealed gearbox that has the standard three gear setup and the proven ball differential from the Tamiya TA06 with the entire transmission decked out with ball bearings. CV driveshafts spin the rear tires and they can be tweaked to ensure they stay in the proper position. Metal plated bead lock type wheels are wrapped with large diameter tires; ribbed style up front and square spike for high grip spec’d for the rear.

Rear wheels utilize square spike tires with a realistic high profile.

The four-wheel independent suspension mimics the style you would see on full size off-road UTVs. Where the front is equipped with a double A-arm wishbone arrangement featuring a skid angle of 25-degrees and a pivot ball setup for securing the steering knuckles. Mounted on the chassis is an angled steering rack with ball bearings to support it. Steering turnbuckles relay the input out to the tires and are attached to the included servo saver.

Tamiya BBX Off-Road 2WD Buggy Performance Boost
The steering uses a 3-piece tie-rod setup with hi-torque servo saver and requires the use of a low-profile servo.


Tamiya BBX Off-Road 2WD Buggy Performance Boost
An angled front bumper will aid in overcoming tricky off-road surfaces.


Take note that you will need a low-profile servo in order for it to fit within the confines of the roll cage. At the rear, Tamiya went with a long trailing arm suspension configuration that is adjustable. Mounted on either side of the chassis are nerf bars to help protect the rear end from impacts. Aluminum body, aeration oil filled shocks support the suspension arms. You will find the construction of the BBX is more elevated compared to other standard Tamiya cars where there is less slop in the suspension components and you will find all hex hardware.


Tamiya BBX Off-Road 2WD Buggy Performance Boost
Chrome plated wheels have a classic design and the fronts are paired with ribbed tires.
Nerf bars help protect suspension components.
  • Item #58719
  • Chassis designation: BB-01
  • Scale: 1/10
  • Construction type: Build-up kit
  • Length: 16.30 in. (414mm)
  • Width: 9.17 in. (233mm)
  • Height: 5.35 in. (136mm)
  • Wheelbase: 11.14 in. (283mm)
  • Chassis: FRP hybrid monocoque-roll cage w/ shallow tub
  • Drivetrain: 2WD 3-gear transmission
  • Differential: Adjustable ball diff
  • Bearings: Ball bearings
  • Suspension (F/R): A-arms / Trailing arms
  • Shocks: CVA aluminum aeration dampers
  • Motor: Not included
  • Speed control: Not included
  • Body: 6-piece polycarbonate body panels
  • Wheels: Chrome-plated bead lock type
  • Tires: Soft rubber, ribbed fronts w/ block pin pattern rears and foam inserts


  • 2-channel radio system
  • Low profile steering servo
  • Speed Control
  • Motor
  • Battery pack
  • Battery charger
  • Polycarbonate & ABS Plastic Paint


You have the option of adding a separately sold spare tire when the model is on display.
You have the option of adding a separately sold spare tire when the model is on display.
Tamiya BBX Off-Road 2WD Buggy —#58719


Following are just some of the available Hop-Up option parts available from Tamiya for the BBX buggy. Depending on what your goals are with the BBX will determine which ones you add to your buggy.

BB-01 Dogbone Shafts—#22068

These are carbon steel dogbone shafts which are a part of the universal drive line. Choose these to replace the stock dogbones to increase durability.

BB-01 Aluminum Front Uprights—#22069

Switch to these BB-01 Aluminum Front Uprights to replace the plastic resin uprights to gain increased rigidity and sharper steering response. They come anodized in silver

BB-01 Aluminum Servo Stays—#22070

Use these BB-01 Aluminum Servo Stays to firmly secure the steering servo in place for enhanced steering response, especially when using a high torque servo. These silver anodized parts will replace the stock black resin plastic servo stays.

BB-01 Slipper Clutch—#22071

Tamiya BBX Off-Road 2WD Buggy Performance BoostYou can add this Tamiya BB-01 Slipper Clutch so that you can have additional tuning ability for the BBX. A slipper clutch will help protect the drivetrain from sudden surges and allow you to adjust the buggy when running on slippery surfaces. When you adjust the spring tension, the amount of slip timing is altered thus affecting acceleration and traction.



BB-01 Aluminum Damper Stays—#22088

The top of the shocks rely on the FRP plastic shock towers to properly do their job. You can improve this setup with these Tamiya BB-01 Aluminum Damper Stays where they will be more robust. This can translate into more consistent damper stroke during suspension travel.



BB-01 Aluminum Damper Mount Bar—#22089

Tamiya BBX Off-Road 2WD Buggy Performance BoostPick up the BB-01 Aluminum Damper Mount Bar Hop-Up option part to enhance chassis stiffness to ensure a more secure damper attachment. The BBX will gain improved rear traction and stable handling.



BB-01 Aluminum Steering Arms—#22090

Plastic steering arms come stock on the BBX and you can beef up these parts with the Tamiya BB-01 Aluminum Steering Arms. Each are anodized in silver like the other BBX Hop-Up parts. The benefit of these more substantial parts will ensure linkage rigidity and linear steering response, which basically means highly responsive steering.



BB-01 Aluminum Steering Bridge—#22091

Tamiya BBX Off-Road 2WD Buggy Performance BoostIt makes sense to add the BB-01 Aluminum Steering Bridge if you are also picking up the other Tamiya Hop-Up steering components for the BBX. This expertly made anodized aluminum part will replace the stock plastic unit to make the steering highly responsive. The ball bearings for this part are sold separately.



Aluminum Damper Set—#54993

Tamiya BBX Off-Road 2WD Buggy Performance BoostEven though the Tamiya BBX comes with aluminum body shocks, this Aluminum Damper Set is an improvement in performance, functionality as well as appearance. These high-spec shocks are ideal for taking on rough off-road terrain. Each of the precision made aluminum cylinders have a slick coating on their interior for a highly efficient motion, exceptional shock absorption and reactive drive handling. The outside of the cylinders are threaded, unlike the stock units, to make it easier to adjust spring settings. This one set is enough to outfit the entire buggy.

Reinforced Freewheel Axle Set—#54183

Reducing rotating mass is key if you are looking to eke out every drop of increased performance that is possible. These high precision Reinforced Freewheel Axles will do just that and give you faster acceleration.

Tamiya BBX Off-Road 2WD Buggy Performance Boost
The realistic roll cage gives the BBX such a cool off-road look and offers protection to the chassis.



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