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12 Super Useful Tamiya Items That You Didn’t Know About

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The world of RC is rather vast with numerous RC manufacturers constantly researching and developing products that are then released to the masses. This makes it difficult for us RC hobbyist to know what is out there, especially when you have a RC product juggernaut like Tamiya that has a massive range of products that they produce. Though Tamiya is a well-known name in RC, many people are unaware of the various products that are available from them so to give you a little taste here are 12 super useful Tamiya items that you didn’t know about.

12 Super Useful Tamiya Items That You Didn’t Know About

TRF Aluminum Parts Tray—#42292

12 Super Useful Tamiya Items That You Didn’t Know About

Although this TRF Aluminum Parts Tray seems like such a simple item, yet once you use one you will realize how useful it can be. It is ideal during a kit build and when doing maintenance to keep screws, bearings, washers, E-rings, nuts and other small items from getting lost or rolling around at your work area. The tray is masterfully constructed of aluminum that is anodized in Tamiya’s brilliant blue and measures 4.33×5.51 inches (110x140mm). There are three different size recessed areas that will contain the tiny parts and keep them separated. A handy scale is marked on the tray where you can insert a screw head into the indentation so that you can determine its length. The finishing touch is the white TRF (Tamiya Racing Factory) printed on the tray.


Tamiya Damper Oil Air Remover—#54152

12 Super Useful Tamiya Items That You Didn’t Know About

Properly assembling oil-filled shocks is key to end up with dampers that function correctly. The Tamiya Damper Oil Air Remover is for those of us that are serious about our builds, especially on those high end RC rides. Just as the name implies, the Damper Oil Air Remover will quickly remove the unwanted air during shock assembly. It creates a vacuum that draws the air bubbles out of the shock fluid. Up to four shocks with fluid can be placed in the tool. It can accept shocks with diameters of 8.9, 10.9, 12.9, or 15.9mm. It can also be easily expanded by taking the outer cup and connecting it to the top of the inner cup so extra-long shocks with up to 3.5-inch long bodies can be used.


TRF Damper Pliers—#42276

12 Super Useful Tamiya Items That You Didn’t Know About

A nice counterpart to the Tamiya Damper Oil Air Remover mentioned above are these TRF Damper Pliers. This is one of those tools that can do many tasks well which is a bonus and all of the tasks revolve around the assembly of shocks. Although this tool is small, its compact design with specialized shapes and openings in the tool make it an RC shock Swiss army knife of sorts. The TRF Damper Pliers can be used to hold 3- and 4-mm piston rods, the plastic adjusters/shock ends, it can securely hold the shock body for when screwing on the shock cap and to check the straightness of shock shafts. The final task that makes these Damper Pliers so useful is for inserting or removing the balls into and out of the shock ends. The chrome post holds the ball while the other side of the pliers pushes the shock end onto the ball. Tamiya gives this tool its signature bright blue anodizing and tags it with a white TRF logo.


Tamiya Electric Screwdriver Set (PT01)—#74089

12 Super Useful Tamiya Items That You Didn’t Know About

The Tamiya Electric Screwdriver Set is one of the ultimate items on this list. It is very well made, has many features and is quite spendy. If you are one of those hobbyist that has to have that cool tool or product, then this is the item for you. Tamiya spec’d a 7.2V Lithium-ion battery to power the screwdriver which can make quick work of assembly or maintenance tasks. It features 21 adjustable torque settings that utilizes a clutch mechanism so that a fastener won’t get over tightened into the chassis. Easy to reach forward and reverse buttons are positioned on the side of the screwdriver and can be accessed when the screwdriver is in its pistol grip or straight positions. Speed can be adjusted using a high/low selector switch mounted on top of the driver. A welcome feature is a LED light that helps to illuminate the area you are working on…perfect for tight deep spots on a chassis. The built-in Lithium-ion battery can be completely charged in approximately 30 minutes with the included charger. Lastly, Tamiya includes a soft case to store the screwdriver and five bits.


12 Super Useful Tamiya Items That You Didn’t Know AboutTRF Fluorine Coating Liquid—#42280

In order to get the optimum performance out of your RC vehicle, reducing friction on the parts that need to move smoothly is essential. To help achieve this goal, Tamiya developed TRF Fluorine Coating Liquid that you apply to suspension and drivetrain components. This bottle comes with 10ml of the liquid that can be applied with the brush that is attached to the cap. Once applied the parts will move easier thus making your car operate more efficiently.


Tamiya Gear Differential Putty—#42247

12 Super Useful Tamiya Items That You Didn’t Know AboutWe go from making parts on a RC car move freely with the Fluorine Coating to a way to add friction. This Tamiya Gear Differential Putty is intended for gear differentials when high viscosity oils are not enough to achieve the desired differential action. A roll of putty comes inside the plastic container and is separated with paper. When needed, just got a small section of the putty and insert it into the differential.


TRF Car Maintenance Stand—#42371

The TRF Car Maintenance Stand is very functional for when you need to work on a RC vehicle like a touring car, rally car, buggies and even the Tamiya Comical models. Crafted in aluminum that was then given Tamiya’s iconic blue anodized finish and completed with a TRF and twin star logos on its side. Soft pads run along each edge to keep your ride from sliding off the stand or moving around during a wrenching sessions. The holes in the top of the stand are perfect for holding shocks or differentials. Tamiya made the TRF car stand to be compact to take up a little bit of space in your pit area or when stowing it away. It measures: 6.30×3.94×1.65 in. (160x100x42mm).



Tamiya Masking Tape 18mm—#87032

12 Super Useful Tamiya Items That You Didn’t Know AboutNot all masking tape it equal when it comes to quality and effectiveness. The masking tape from Tamiya is exceptional and works very well. It comes in many different sizes and shown here is the 18mm width which comes in a convenient plastic dispenser. The dispenser will keep the edges of the mask from getting messed up to ensure clean lines and there is a plastic serrated edge to easily tear the tape. The Tamiya masking tape is thin yet has very strong adhesive backing. This backing will not leave residue when removed from your RC body and will give you super sharp and crisp lines. Tamiya also ensured that this tape will not absorb the paint color which could potentially ruin a body job.


Tamiya Ratcheting Screwdriver Pro—#74152

Out of the current product releases in the last year, the Tamiya Ratcheting Screwdriver Pro is by far one of our favorites. The Ratcheting Screwdriver Pro is very helpful for assembling kits and even aids in speeding up the process. Inside the handle lives a ratcheting 72-tooth gear which gives this driver a super smooth motion. The key advantage is the ratcheting mechanism that 12 Super Useful Tamiya Items That You Didn’t Know Abouteliminates the need for you to re-grip the tool as you tighten or loosen a screw. Located mid-handle, you will notice there is a red tab that allows you to switch between the tightening, loosening and the lock modes. Just below the tab is a Quick Rotation grip that is molded in a blue rubber material. This allows your fingers to spin the grip while the rounded end of this tool rests in the palm of your hand. It is a speedy way to adjust loose screws.

Each Ratcheting Screwdriver Pro comes equipped with a four inch long PH2x100mm bit for use with Phillips screws and works perfectly for JIS (Japanese Industrial Standard) 3-5mm screws. In case you did not know, the JIS hardware is what is found in Tamiya kits. It is machined from chromium-vanadium steel for extended durability and is magnetic. The hex shank end will work in a1/4-inch drive so it can also be used in an electric screwdriver. Tamiya offers other bits for the Ratcheting Screwdriver Pro including a short Phillips style bit, a 7mm box wrench bit as well as a 2mm hex bit and a 2.5mm ball end hex driver.


Tamiya RC Model Body Reinforcing Clear Tape—#54784

12 Super Useful Tamiya Items That You Didn’t Know AboutPolycarbonate bodies can take quite a beating and develop cracks. Use the Tamiya RC Model Body Reinforcing Clear Tape to go over the crack and keep it from getting worse. It also works as a preventative measure on areas of a body that are prone to damage. Since the tape is clear it would take away from the looks of the body. This tape can also be used on the hard ABS plastic bodies as well. It is 35mm wide and the role is approximately 20 inches in length.


TRF Aluminum Tool Stand—#42335

12 Super Useful Tamiya Items That You Didn’t Know About

We like our workbench and pit area to be organized, especially when it comes to the tools that you are constantly reaching for. A great solution is this compact TRF Aluminum Tool Stand which was designed to hold seven of Tamiya’s most used TRF tools. It can hold TRF hex wrenches, box wrenches, Tamiya camber gauge, turnbuckle wrenches and long-nose pliers. There is also a small area to keep small screws and parts. A welcome feature is that the tray is magnetized to keep the tiny metal fasteners from getting lost. And instead of having the entire tray anodized in the typical Tamiya blue, Tamiya anodized it in black and finished it off with blue anodized chamfering followed by the TRF log laser printed on the front face of the tool stand.


TRF RC Trolley Pit Bag—#42337

The last of the 12 super useful Tamiya items that you didn’t know about is the TRF RC Trolley Pit Bag. It is perfect for going back and forth to the track or to your favorite bashing area. It can easily hold all the gear mentioned here along with plenty of space for a touring car, transmitter, charger, batteries, soldering iron and much more. There are five cardboard inner boxes along with pouches on the top and side for additional storage. The bag itself is black with blue zippers and the material is water resistant. There is a durable strap handle with a comfortable grip for when you want to carry the bag. You also have the option of pulling with bag via wheels mounted on the rear and a telescoping handle.


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