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Achieve factory-finished paint results with Tamiya Paints & Accessories

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Have you always admired the great-looking RC bodies that come fully painted and detailed on ready-to-run vehicles and yet you feel you can’t achieve the same results? This leaves you with RTR painted bodies that look like all the rest and/or imperfect bodies that you painted yourself. Well, we are here to help you achieve factory-finished paint results with Tamiya paints and accessories. Then after some practice, you can be the proud owner of professional-looking customized painted bodies that you designed and painted yourself.

Achieve factory-finished paint results with Tamiya Paints & Accessories

Painting and detailing a body is not that difficult, especially if you have the right tools for the job. That is where Tamiya comes in. Tamiya carries the paints and all the accessories that you would need to achieve a pro-level completed body. Below we will explain what paints to use along with what additional accessories you should consider.


When painting clear Lexan/polycarbonate bodies, it is critical to use the correct paint for the job. The paint needs to be specially formulated specifically for polycarbonate bodies. Achieve factory-finished paint results with Tamiya Paints & AccessoriesFor example, the spray paint used on ABS plastic models will not work and will flake off a polycarbonate body. Tamiya carries over sixty different color choices for polycarbonate bodies and they come in convenient spray paint cans. The special Tamiya spray paint for polycarbonate has a “PS” designation which stands for Polycarbonate Spray. Each color has an item number that starts with PS so that you know you are getting the correct paint. Each can contains 100ml of paint which is the appropriate amount to complete a body. These paints are impervious to oil and fuels, so they can be safely used on not only electric RC cars and trucks, but also nitro-powered vehicles.

Achieve factory-finished paint results with Tamiya Paints & Accessories

These days there are numerous scale vehicles that include separate ABS plastic parts like side-view mirrors, windshield wipers, rear wings and full interiors and you will need different paint for those parts. Tamiya has you covered and carries acrylic bottled paint made from water-soluble acrylic resins and are excellent for both brush and airbrush application on ABS parts. These paints can be used on styrene resins, Styrofoam, wood, plus all of the common model plastics like ABS. The paint covers well, flows smoothly with no blushing or fading and can be blended easily. Tamiya sells their acrylic bottle paints in both 10ml and 23ml sizes. There are numerous colors to choose from in both gloss and flat pigments.

Achieve factory-finished paint results with Tamiya Paints & Accessories
This is just a super small example of all the acrylic bottled paint that Tamiya offers.


Achieve factory-finished paint results with Tamiya Paints & Accessories
Tamiya Modeling Brush HF Standard Set (#87067)

Since most of the ABS plastic detail parts are relatively small, you can use paint brushes instead of an airbrush. Selecting the correct brushes is essential to end up with pro-level results. We recommend picking up a paint brush set and then you will have a variety of different sizes that can handle from large to tiny parts. Something like the Tamiya Modeling Brush HF Standard Set (#87067) which includes three brushes is good for the beginner, intermediate or expert painter. This set comes with a High Finish Flat Brush No.0, a High Finish Flat Brush No.2 and a High Finish Pointed Brush-Ultra Fine. If you don’t want to buy a set, Tamiya offers many brushes individually, in various sizes and quality so you can select just the ones that you think you will use.

For painting the small intricate details on your RC body like the instrument gauges on a dashboard, use pointed paint brushes like the Tamiya Modeling Brush Pro series of brushes. They cost more than some of the other brushes offered by Tamiya, but if you want the best results then you should opt for the better brushes. They are available in two sizes: #0 -#87072 and #1 -#87071.

Achieve factory-finished paint results with Tamiya Paints & Accessories

Each is a high-quality pointed brush that uses Kolinsky Sable hair which is the leading material for artist brushes. Kolinsky Sable hair has the favorable characteristics of a being flexible soft hard that is also highly durable and naturally forms to a fine point. The brush point is even retained after frequent use. Additionally, Tamiya did not give this brush an ordinary handle and carefully designed one that fits ergonomically in your hand to reduce strain during extended use. All this makes these brushes a great choice to paint those ultra fine details like the faces on driver figures.


Depending on the color scheme you select for your RC body, you will most likely need to mask off certain areas of the body. This allows you to spray one color without getting overspray onto the sections that will end up a different color. Using a quality mask is essential if you want to end up with crisp and sharp lines between paint colors. Cheap mask can have rough edges that will not give you the nice sharp lines found on pro-level painted bodies. The lesser quality tape is more likely to allow paint to bleed underneath the mask. To help you achieve an awesome finish, Tamiya has a great selection of paint mask products. They offer rolls of masking tape in a variety of widths, large masking tape stickers and even masking tape attached to plastic for covering large areas on the body.

These masking tapes are available in four sizes: 6mm, 10mm, 18mm and 40mm widths. The 6mm, 10mm, and 18mm tapes come in very handy plastic dispenser that is reusable. The dispensers have teeth that cuts the tape to your desired length. When the included roll of tape is used up, you can grab a refill from Tamiya. The tape is thin yet a very strong adhesive tape perfect for polycarbonate bodies. It adheres well to uneven surfaces and will give you sharp and crisp lines. Tamiya ensured that this tape will not absorb paint or leave unsightly marks on the body.

Tamiya Masking tape (3mm #87208, 6mm #87030, 10mm #87031, 18mm #87032, 40mm #87063)

Tamiya Masking Tape for Curves (2mm #87177, 3mm #87178, 5mm #87179

If the body you are painting has a lot of tight curves molded into it and/or your paint scheme has curves in its design, the Tamiya Masking Tape for Curves is just the thing you need. Precise masking is the key to ensure that your creation gets the perfect paint job. This masking tape helps a great deal in the process. It allows smooth and secure masking of curved lines where standard masking tape would end up creasing or pulling up off the body thus letting paint to seep underneath. Tamiya offers this tape in four widths: 2mm, 3mm, 5mm, and 12mm. The 12mm is the widest in the tape range and is ideal for covering larger areas in one large sweep. When you run into sharper curves, use the thinner tapes which are better suited to follow the tight curves.

Here is Tamiya Masking sticker sheet (#87129) and it is ideal if you need to mask off a large area on the body. It also comes with a grid printed on the mask to assist you in creating perfect mask for those intricate designs.

Tamiya Masking sticker sheet (#87129)
Achieve factory-finished paint results with Tamiya Paints & Accessories
Tamiya Masking Tape/Plastic Sheeting (#87164)

A clever painting accessory offered by Tamiya is the Masking Tape/Plastic Sheeting (#87164). It is very useful to mask off larger areas of a body during the painting process. Tamiya masking tape comes pre-attached to plastic sheeting. When the plastic is unfolded, it measure 550mm which is nearly 22-inches. Just like the other Tamiya masking tape, this one will attach securely to the surface to be covered and peels off easily once the object has been painted.


Having the right tools for the job can make all the difference when completing an RC car body. Following is a list of tools that will surely help you to get a first-class completed result as well as help make the task easier. Tamiya carefully designed and manufactured each one to accurately perform certain tasks.

Achieve factory-finished paint results with Tamiya Paints & Accessories
Tamiya Finishing Abrasives, Fine (#87010)

Tamiya Finishing Abrasives, Fine (#87010)

You may not think of finishing abrasives (aka sandpaper) as a tool, but it is very useful in raising the finish quality on your RC car or truck. The ABS plastic detail parts that come with many bodies can have seems or flashing on them from the molding process. You can eliminate those imperfections using a finishing abrasive and then you end up with a more realistic looking part. Tamiya carries a load of different finishing abrasives to choose from. Here we picked the Tamiya Finishing Abrasives, Fine (#87010) that includes three different grit types and it should handle the majority of your needs to finish off an RC car or truck body.

Tamiya Modeler’s Knife Pro (#74098)

A good sharp hobby knife like this Tamiya Modeler’s Knife Pro is a great tool to always have on hand. This professional knife is ideal for cutting custom shapes into the tape masks as well as score the body when trimming off excess polycarbonate. It comes as a set that includes three straight blades, two curved blades and two chisel blades. Tamiya built the handle out of a super comfortable elastomer grip and uses a metal chuck to secure the blade. When not in use, there is a protective cap for the knife and a plastic spare blade case to store the additional blades.

Tamiya Curved Scissors (#74005)

Tamiya Curved Scissors make quick and precise work of trimming polycarbonate bodies. Constructed of high-quality stainless steel gives these scissors durability and long life. The super sharp curved blades enable easy access to body curves and effortlessly cut through the polycarbonate.

Tamiya TRF Car Body Reamer (#42260)

Although you would not use the Tamiya TRF Car Body Reamer very often, it is still an invaluable tool when finishing a RC car body. It is purpose built for making perfect circular holes in bodies for the body posts to pass though. Don’t be the guy using a hobby knife that would spin it like screwdriver to create the body post hole which ends up leaving a hacked-up jagged hole. The TRF Car Body Reamer features ‘stepped’ sections which allow the measurement of holes up to 12mm in diameter in 1mm steps. Each step has a straight section to prevent the holes from being made any larger than desired. A blue anodized aluminum cap is included to ensure that the tool can be safely stored when not in use.

Achieve factory-finished paint results with Tamiya Paints & Accessories

Achieve factory-finished paint results with Tamiya Paints & AccessoriesTamiya Decal Scissors (#74031)

You will find that depending on the car kit, there are some that have piles of stickers that need to be cut out and placed on the body. Some stickers can be very small with intricate detail. These Decal Scissors from Tamiya feature a very sharp point with blades made of high-quality carbon steel. They are intended for paper stickers, so the lifespan is not as long when cutting the vinyl stickers that come with most RC car kits. While they are new and still sharp, they allow you to accurately cut out super small stickers.

Tamiya Straight Tweezers (#74004) & Tamiya Angled Tweezers (#74003)

These are by no means a necessity nevertheless if you have them, you will definitely utilize them. You will find they are a great counterpart for whenever you use the Tamiya Decal Scissors. The slim points a terrific for holding tiny stickers during application onto the body. Each are made from stainless steel with a black cationic finish for long life.

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