Saturday, April 13, 2024

Tamiya Squash Van With GF-02 Chassis

Hot of the press is the all-new Tamiya Squash Van with GF-02 chassis. True Tamiya fans will quickly deduce the inspiration of the new body was the Tamiya Midnight Pumpkin and underneath is a new chassis.

Tamiya Squash Van With GF-02 Chassis
Tamiya 58725 1/10 R/C Squash Van (GF-02)


Tamiya is delighted to announce a new off-road car featuring big tires named the Squash Van and it is paired with a new gear-driven 4WD GF-02 chassis. While the GF-01 chassis features a comical design, the GF-02 chassis employs a more realistic wheelbase and a frame with ladder / pipe motifs. This RC assembly kit is inspired by 1950s American panel vans and offers an excellent drive even on grass or uneven surfaces. It features 123mm large-diameter lug pattern tires that allow great performance and superior handling. Stickers feature designs such as squash illustrations, product logo, and triple pin stripes in gold, black and blue. Tamiya includes an ESC and 540 brushed motor.

Tamiya Squash Van With GF-02 Chassis


The gear-driven 4WD GF-02 chassis features its motor in a low, central position in the lightweight, durable monocoque frame, and transmits power to front and rear via gears. The long wheelbase and wide tread setup ensures stable off-road performance. The slim frame features ladder/pipe motifs and features integrated sealed gearboxes which help keep stones out. Front and rear gear differentials allow smooth cornering, while separately sold pinion gears offer a choice from three types of gear ratios, and a motor guard enhances reliability off-road. The 4-wheel double wishbone suspension employs four friction dampers, and the steering servo is positioned on the left with identical-length tie-rods

Tamiya Squash Van With GF-02 Chassis		SPECS

  • Length: 454mm
  • Width: 280mm
  • Height: 238mm
  • Wheelbase: 267mm

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