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Get Dirty With Losi RTR Off-Road Trucks


Losi first made a name for itself with competition-level race vehicles and they dominated the track and still do. Those early vehicles came as a kit and required you to build them, add your electronics and paint the body. Today, Losi has an enormous offering of vehicles that cover a large range of options including ones that come ready-to-run (RTR). Among the most popular RTR RC vehicles are 1/10-scale off-road trucks and Losi carries a wide variety including monster trucks, short course, rock crawlers, rock racers and desert trucks. Following is a guide to get dirty with Losi RTR off-road trucks so that you can get a taste of what they have to offer in 1/10-scale.

Get Dirty With Losi RTR Off-Road Trucks



22S SCT Short Course Truck, Magnaflow — #LOS3022T1

Get Dirty With Losi RTR Off-Road Trucks

Kicking off the list is the is the 22S SCT short course truck which is an ideal choice if you are just starting out because this performance packed RTR is the most affordable out of the lot with a price tag under $250. All you need to get it up and running is a battery pack, compatible charger and AA batteries for the transmitter. The 22S SCT is 2WD and includes a Dynamite 12-turn brushed motor in which both contribute to the affordable cost when comparted to a 4WD short course equipped with a brushless motor system.

New drivers will appreciate the quick speeds, responsive corning and big air the Losi 22S can achieve since it is based on the Team Losi Racing 22 race platform. Losi engineers applied race winning suspension geometry taken from their successful TLR short course trucks. It can be right at home bashing around your home or is the perfect entry level race truck to take on the competition at your local RC track. Losi gives you two 22S trucks to choose from with officially licensed Magnaflow shown here or Kicker Audio livery. And when the time comes, there are plenty of TLR 22 platform performance parts that you can use to upgrade the 22S.


Baja Rey Desert Truck, King Shocks Ford Raptor — # LOS03020V2T1

Get Dirty With Losi RTR Off-Road Trucks

Are you looking for an off-road race truck that encompasses both jaw-dropping performance and awesome realism? Then the Losi Baja Rey Ford Raptor desert trucks should be at the top of your list. These trucks are available with two different racing liveries that are officially licensed: the King Shocks and the Black Rhino. Drop in batteries into the chassis and transmitter, have a battery charger on hand and that is all you need to get the Baja Rey rolling.

Four-piece bolt-on body panels make up the great looking Ford Raptor bodies. The panels attach to an inner roll cage and there is a complete molded interior with driver figures. A spare tire is mounted at the rear with the roll cage exposed just like what you would find on a full scale desert race truck. Losi even gave these trucks LED light bars for the front and rear.

Underneath the body you will find a 4WD chassis that is equipped with a powerful Spektrum 3800Kv brushless motor system that is capable of reaching up to 50mph. As you would expect on a desert truck, the Baja Rey uses a long travel independent suspension with A-arms and at the rear is a long travel 4-link live rear axle that looks the part and is 100-percent functional.


Hammer Rey U4 Rock Racer, Red — #LOS03030T1

Get Dirty With Losi RTR Off-Road Trucks

Like the Baja Rey mentioned above, the Hammer Rey U4 is another vehicle that nicely combines performance with a very realistic body and this rig is a rock racer. It is officially licensed and based off Casey Currie’s full-size U4 racer which is a highly detailed caged vehicle with body panels that you can take on and off. Losi offers the Hammer Rey in two colors: green or red. Adding to the overall appearance are KMC Machete wheels, Nitto Trail Grappler M/T tires and scale details that include shock reservoirs, fire extinguishers and LED light bars with headlights.

You will notice that the Hammer Rey U4 has a similar chassis as the Baja Rey with solid rear axle, independent front suspension, oil-filled shocks, and a 4WD drivetrain with sealed metal gear transmission and differentials. Losi spec’d the Spektrum SMART 130A ESC with 3150Kv brushless motor system to help ensure this U4 rock racer would have plenty of scoot. And to keep it in control is the Spektrum DX3 radio system accompanied by a 6-channel DSMR AVC/telemetry receiver.


Lasernut U4 Rock Racer, Blue — #LOS03028T1

Get Dirty With Losi RTR Off-Road Trucks

Yes this is another Rock Racer, but the Lasernut U4 is based on the Losi TEN 4WD platform which has been recognized for its exceptional strength and durability. It is currently the only complete unlimited U4 full independent racer on the market and runs aluminum shocks, sway bars and is setup with adjustable turnbuckles. The 4WD drivetrain spins three oil-filled gear differentials and is attached to a robust aluminum chassis plate. For power, the Lasernut U4 is equipped with the Spektrum Firma 130A brushless Smart ESC and a 4-pole 1900Kv 550 brushless motor system. Typical of today’s Losi RTR vehicles, a Spektrum DX3 2.4GHz radio system is included.

Thumbs up for Losi with taking the added steps to include an officially licensed Lasernut race inspired scale U4RC body and cage with two different graphics and color variations to choose from. You will also find a LED light bar located at the leading edge of the roof and pod lights mounted at the base of each A-pillar so that you can keep the action going when darkness sets in. The Lasernut U4 rolls on officially licensed BFGoodrich Mud-Terrain T/A KM3 off-road tires and Raceline 2.2 wheels.


LMT Solid Axle Monster Truck, Grave Digger — #LOS04021T1

Get Dirty With Losi RTR Off-Road Trucks

Easily the most recognizable of the Losi trucks being highlighted here is the Grave Digger LMT solid axle monster truck. Losi actually offers two Monster Jam Licensed bodies for the LMT chassis; the Grave Digger and the Son-Uva Digger. Each of the bodies are an excellent representation of the real MTs right down to the inner roll cage. It is not only scale detail but offers functionality so you can easily access the battery and electronics. Losi went further and added scale monster truck tires, driver figures, engine headers and LED lights to bring these trucks to life.

Twin vertical plates are used as the main support for the LMT chassis and is designed to provide all of the performance adjustments needed to tune the truck. A variety of shock setups are at your disposal so that you can tune to the terrain and/or driving style. The transmission is fitted with a center differential and allows for quick changes with the optional spool to be able to perform wheel stands. Each axle has a multi-piece housing for a scale look and inside spins a 1/8-scale diff for ultimate durability. Losi even provided for 4-wheel steering as an option and there is a new adjustable servo saver that will keep the wheels pointed in the right direction. A Spektrum DX3 radio system controls these monsters while a potent Spektrum Firma Smart 130A ESC with 3150Kv 4-pole brushless motor generates the power to propel them.


Night Crawler SE Rock Crawler — #LOS03015T1

Get Dirty With Losi RTR Off-Road Trucks

If a slower pace with more technical driving is what intrigues you, then check out the Losi Night Crawler SE rock crawler. This crawler is based on the proven Night Crawler platform and this is the scale edition or SE. Losi gave this rig more LED lights and an exoskeleton cage that looks amazing with the body and gives the Night Crawler scale looks without compromising performance or durability. Along with the cage detail is a complete detailed driver insert and some scale accessories like an ax, pick ax, shovel and gas can.

The Night Crawler SE’s chassis uses solid axles with HD 21-tooth worm drives which will help keep the truck from becoming off balance when climbing. All-metal CV front axles and center driveshafts give superior durability over trucks that use plastic joints. At the center is an ultra-low gear ratio direct drive transmission designed to be as light as possible and compact. Twin vertical plates give a secure mounting space for the motor, electronics and tranny. At each end is a 4-link suspension setup that is supported by 4-inch adjustable aluminum shocks. Power is created for the Night Crawler SE with a Dynamite 35-turn 540 brushed motor controlled by a Dynamite 60A ESC. Rounding out the electronics is a Spektrum 9KG 23T waterproof steering servo, Spektrum STX2 2.4GHz transmitter and Spektrum SRX200 FHS receiver.


Tenacity TT Pro Short Course Truck, Brenthel — #LOS03019V2T1

Get Dirty With Losi RTR Off-Road Trucks

Short Course trucks are so much fun to drive and race and that experience can be even better when stepping up from a 2WD truck to a 4WD truck like the Tenacity TT Pro. Based on the legendary Losi TEN platform, the Tenacity uses a rigid 4mm aluminum plate with independent front and rear suspension, adjustable turnbuckles, swaybars, aluminum shock towers, threaded body oil-filled shocks, and three robust metal gear differentials. Getting the power to the ground is a set of officially licensed Falken Wildpeak MT tires that are wrapped around Method wheels. The Tenacity TT Pro is available in two flavors: the officially licensed Brenthel trophy truck body or the Falken tires body.

In the electronics department you will find all quality Spektrum gear and it is waterproof so you can run the Tenacity TT Pro in all kinds of nasty conditions. Handling the steering is a Spektrum S614, 23T metal gear servo to offer precision and responsiveness to the driver. The muscle that makes this short course a serious threat at the track is a Spektrum Firma 4-pole 3150Kv 550 brushless motor with a Spektrum SMART 130A brushless ESC, a system that can easily handle either 2S or 3S LiPo battery packs. Following suit with many other Losi RTRs, the Spektrum DX3 radio system was called into action. It has advanced features like AVC control, a 3-position throttle limiting switch and travel adjust. And last but not least, Losi bolted on a bright LED light bar that is mounted onto the front bumper.

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