Sunday, December 4, 2022

RC Nitro Engine Storage

Engine Storage Materials

While many engines always have a home in the vehicles that they are used in,  a lot of drivers have a spare engine waiting to go, either for racing or as a back-up for a basher vehicle. For those that do, we hope you are properly storing that expensive nitro engine so nothing happens to it while it’s waiting for its turn in the engine mounts. Here, we’re going to give you some simple tips to properly store your RC nitro engine.


What could go wrong while an engine is in storage you ask? Plenty! If an engine is stored too long, there is a chance that unburnt fuel sitting in the engine or bearings can evaporate over time and, along with temperature changes, can start to turn the oils into gunk that can clog up and cause friction in the engine. Moisture is also a threat to any steel parts within the engine and finally, there is debris. You know, dust and dirt, which can make their way into any part of your vehicle, such as the engine’s carb or exhaust, and once in there can damage the engine when you fire it up. So lets talk steps to keep your engine protected.

After Run Oil

The first step for engine storage is adding a number of drops of a good after-run oil. An after-run oil is much less likely to turn into that nasty gunk over time and it coats your engine internals to protect them. Add a few drops down the carb venturi as well and then add a few more into the exhaust port if it’s exposed. Or you can take out the plug, drop oil in the top of the chamber and replace the plug.

Engine Caps

When you’re done adding after-run oil to the inside of the engine and you’ve rocked the crank back and forth a few times to coat the internals, it’s a good idea to ensure the oil stays in. Use caps, such as these shown here from TrakPower, to keep the oils in. Capping will also keep the debris out of your mill while it sits in your pit bag or on your bench. Cap the carb venturi, fuel nipple and exhuast port. If your exhaust is still fitted to your engine, add caps to the exhaust stinger and pressure nipple.

Seal Engine In A Bag

Now that your engine has been oiled and capped, its a good idea to place it in a plastic bag along with a silica gel packet and zip it closed to keep moisture and debris away from the engine.

Outerwears Engine Bag

Looking for that extra bit of protection during storage? Consider an engine bag from Outerwears. This fabric bag with an inner liner keeps your engine neatly stowed and secured inside with its Velcro closure.


A few simple steps and a few neat products are all you need to keep your engine stored and safe. Take the time to care for your engine and it will be there, ready to go, when you need it!

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