Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Hitec Is 50 And Celebrating Its Golden Anniversary

This is an impressive accomplishment… Hitec is 50 and celebrating its Golden Anniversary!

Hitec Is 50 And Celebrating Its Golden Anniversary


Hitec RCD is celebrating our golden anniversary as a world-renowned and influential electronics manufacturer.

Founded in 1973, Hitec RCD began as an exporter of light emitting diodes, with a mission to bring burgeoning technology to a worldwide audience. Our founders quickly recognized the fastgrowing pace of the radio control industry. We then set our sights on researching and developing radio and servo system technologies.

For 50 years, our investment in both our products and customers has established Hitec as a world leader and innovator, trusted by industrial and hobby consumers alike. Our unwavering dedication to engineering the most reliable components available has generated a rock-solid reputation of which we are extremely proud.

Our 2002 acquisition of the highly esteemed German-based Multiplex Modellsport combined the strengths of two respected brands, facilitating extensive expansion of our product lines.

Throughout our first five decades, Hitec has manufactured award winning servos and engineered technological advancements that have become milestones in the commercial, industrial and hobby sectors. Looking forward to our next half century, Hitec RCD remains committed to producing the highest-quality, precision control servo actuators and radio control components with our state-of-the-art R&D, engineering and manufacturing facilities.

The entire Hitec family is dedicated to improving your quality of life through progressive technology. Join us as we celebrate our ongoing commitment to our global community, and continue our mission to provide trusted and innovative product lines.

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