Saturday, March 2, 2024

Kyosho 1970 Chevy Chevelle Super Charged Brushless

Announced this week is the awesome-looking Kyosho 1970 Chevy Chevelle Super Charged brushless powered touring car in a classic dark blue and black racing stripes.

Kyosho 1970 Chevy Chevelle Super Charged Brushless
34494T1 Fazer Mk2 FZ02L1970 Chevy Chevelle Super Charged Brushless VE Dark Blue



Kyosho 1970 Chevy Chevelle Super Charged BrushlessDesigned and built for the pure enjoyment of RC car driving, the FAZER Mk2 welcomes this brushless motor addition to the series. Powering up from the conventional G14L brushed motor to the TORX 10E brushless motor, the 1.6 x speed boost delivers more speed and is backed up by the newly incorporated BRAINZ 10 V2 speed controller, sintered pinion gear and aluminum HD center shaft (previously an optional upgrade) to support the extra power and higher RPMs. This fully upgraded version of the VE specifications boasts an ultra-scale 1970 Chevy Chevelle body, with a Kyosho designed supercharger, and features light buckets that can be equipped with front and rear LEDs. It comes as a pre-built Readyset so it’s easy even for beginners to enjoy without requiring time to get it rolling. Just use your own battery and battery charge to experience the first brushless motor-powered model in the VE series.


  • Equipped with the familiar supercharger and original side exhaust, enhancing the overall scale appearance.
  • Front and rear light buckets that can accommodate LED lights are offered in a chrome finish to enhance the realism.
  • Elevate the scale finish by installing 97054 LED light unit series (sold separately) in the front and rear light buckets.
  • Equipped with high-power TORX 10E motor. In addition, sintered pinion gear (32T) is equipped as standard to reliably transmit the full force from the motor.
  • Waterproof BRAINZ 10 V2 60A ESC with cooling fan provides stable power without heat loss
  • Equipped with vintage touring car (VTC) tires with compound optimized for brushless performance, and new color Rostyle-type wheel design to match the classic style of the Dodge Charger.
  • Aluminum center shaft prevents twist and delivers high-RPM drive. Shaft-driven full-time 4WD touring chassis provides easy handling and is a joy to drive for anyone.
  • Includes advanced functioning KS4031-06W steering servo as standard.
  • Factory-completed Readyset only requires 4 x AA batteries for the transmitter as well as a charger and battery for the chassis.
  • Full ball bearing specifications reduce drive loss in all drive components.
  • Sealed differential and transmission realize excellent reliability, even in dusty parking lots.
  • Equipped with a plated dummy brake disc and painted brake caliper for an elevated sense of scale.
  • Uses hexagonal button screws throughout. Allows secure tightening torque to be applied and maintenance with fewer tools.
  • Motor mount has mounting holes according to pinion gear, eliminating the need for tricky backlash adjustment. Supports pinions from 29T to 37T.
  • Wide range of optional parts are available to further boost driving performance.

For more information, visit: KYOSHO