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Tamiya CR-01 Rock Crawling Trucks

Tamiya XB


The Tamiya CR-01 Rock Crawling trucks are one of those RC trucks that can be easily overlooked. They are not your traditional rock crawler yet it is awfully capable on the rocks and can tackle all types of off-road terrain. Tamiya equipped these trucks with plenty of suspension travel, a go-anywhere 4WD drivetrain, stout metal lockable differentials plus much more. At present, Tamiya offers the following kits using the CR-01 chassis as its platform: the Mercedes-Benz Unimog 406 Series U900, the Rock Socker Truck and Toyota Land Cruiser 40. Along with those trucks, there is a nice selection of Tamiya hop-up option parts so you can tailor them to fit your whims. Take a closer look.

Tamiya CR-01 Rock Crawling Trucks


Currently there are three versions of the Tamiya CR-01 trucks available, although if you do some hunting you can find the few that have been discontinued not too long ago like the 1973 Ford Bronco, Jeep Wrangler and Toyota FJ Cruiser. Among the current models, you have a choice of the imposing-looking Mercedes-Benz Unimog 406 Series U900, the comp styled Rock Socker Truck and the iconic Toyota Land Cruiser 40.

Mercedes-Benz Unimog 406 Series U900 (Item #58414)


Length: 17.13 in. (435mm)
Width: 10.43 in. (265mm)
Height: 11.02 in. (280mm)
Wheelbase: 11.34 in. (288mm)
Weight: 5.13 lb. (2325g)

The real Mercedes Unimog was built in the 1960’s and proved itself as being an exceptional 4WD vehicle with outstanding off-road performance. The Unimog was utilized in numerous environments like deserts, jungles and mountainous areas. Mercedes equipped the 406 with a powerful inline 6-cylinder diesel engine, 8-speed transmission and lockable front/rear differentials. To achieve the correct look of the Unimog, Tamiya created a polycarbonate body with a sub body. They then used black photo-etched parts for the mirrors and metal plated parts to recreate the front grille and light cases. A set of stickers is included to finish off the detailing.

Tamiya CR-01 Rock Crawling Trucks

Rock Socker Truck (Item #58592)


Length: 17.13 in. (435mm)
Width: 10.43 in. (265mm)
Height: 8.47 in. (215mm)
Wheelbase: 11.34 in. (288mm)
Weight: 5.09 lb. (2,309g)

Out of the three Tamiya CR-01 Rock Crawling trucks, the Rock Socker is the only one that is not a replicate of a 1:1 vehicle. Instead, Tamiya went in a different direction and recreated a type of vehicle that you would likely see at popular off-road events in the US. The body may look familiar to you if you are a big time Tamiya fan since they based the Rock Socker body on their classic Stadium Blitzer 2WD truck. It was updated with a new color scheme and a complete new set of stickers. The body is a one-piece polycarbonate design and can be easily painted with the included window masks.

Toyota Land Cruiser 40 (Item #58405)

Tamiya CR-01 Rock Crawling Trucks SPECS

Length: 17.13 in. (435mm)
Width: 10.43 in. (265mm)
Height: 10.79 in. (274mm)
Wheelbase: 11.34 in. (288mm)
Weight: 5.14 lb. (2,330g)

Although the Toyota FJ Cruiser is a modern SUV, it was designed to have a retro style with off-road performance. It first made its appearance to the public as a concept car featured at the North American International Auto Show in 2003. Thanks to the tremendous positive feedback from the consumers, Toyota went forward with production of the FJ and it debuted at the 2005 North American International Auto Show. As you look over the RC version produced by Tamiya, you can see that they carefully took the time to accurately create the FJ with its unique large headlights, chunky fenders and trio of windscreen wipers.



Tamiya CR-01 Rock Crawling Trucks
Tamiya CR-01 chassis.
Tamiya CR-01 Rock Crawling Trucks
4-link rigid suspension features front and rear stabilizers and provides sure-footed performance.

The Tamiya CR-01 rock crawling chassis has a unique design, especially compared to other 1/10-scale crawlers. Specifically the suspension setup where plastic-body oil-filled CVA shocks are mounted upside down near the center of the chassis and are actuated by a pushrod and rocker arm system. Stabilizer bars span between the link mounts for the shocks for further control when climbing over terrain. In the location where you would typically find shocks on other off-road trucks, you will find progressive coil springs so that the chassis maintains a controllable stance. Giving these trucks plenty of articulation is the rigid four-link suspension that is built using substantial aluminum rods. These components are all supported by an aluminum ladder chassis frame with plastic cross members.


As you would expect with a rock crawler, the Tamiya CR-01 trucks utilize a robust shaft-driven 4WD drivetrain. In the front and rear solid axles are a metal, bevel gear differentials that can run either locked or unlocked. If you want the most traction possible then you would run the diffs locked. Located at the center of the chassis is the included Mabuchi 540 brushed motor that spins a compact planetary gear transmission which is small enough to enable a lower center of gravity for the CR-01. Tamiya spec’d nothing but shielded ball bearings throughout the drivetrain instead of metal or plastic bushings. Receiving the power from the drivetrain are four large diameter tires with aggressive off-road tread that extends onto the sidewalls. This extra tread will come into play when the CR-01 needs some more bite to gain traction like when on the rocks. Each tire is wrapped around a plastic beadlock wheel that is not just functional, but has a realistic off-road design.


  • Dampers are actuated via pushrods and rocker arms. Separate coil springs act as tension springs to help maintain a controllable stance.
    Tamiya CR-01 Rock Crawling Trucks
    Compact gearbox tranfers power to all 4 wheels and the small size enables lower battery position for better center of gravity.
    Tamiya CR-01 Rock Crawling Trucks
    Front and rear 3-bevel diffs can be locked to provide the ultimate level of off-road traction.

    Scale: 1/10

  • Chassis: Metal ladder frame with ABS plastic
  • Drivetrain: Shaft-driven 4WD
  • Differentials: Lockable F&R metal bevel gear diffs
  • Transmission: Planetary gearbox w/ 20T pinion
  • Gear Ratio: 40.5:1
  • Bearings: Shielded ball bearings
  • Suspension: Rigid 4-link w/ F&R stabilizers
  • Shocks: Push rod-actuated plastic CVA oil-filled dampers w/ coil springs
  • Motor: RS540 brushed
  • Speed control: Sold separately
  • Body: Highly detailed clear polycarbonate
  • Wheels: Three-piece plastic beadlock
  • Tires: Realistic off-road treaded rubber tires w/ tread that extends to sidewall
  • Tire width/diameter: 57/125mm
  • Tread (F/R): 208mm
  • Approx. weight: 5.5 lb. (2,495g)


  • 2-channel radio system
  • Electronic speed control
  • Steering servo
  • Battery pack
  • Battery Charger
  • Paint for polycarbonate & ABS plastic




Tamiya CR-01 Aluminum Side Frame—Item #54087

Get style points along with increased rigidity for the chassis of the CR-01 by swapping out the plastic side frames with these beautifully machined aluminum side frames. They will give your crawler a great custom look with its black anodizing and jeweled edge that reveals the bright aluminum color. This upgrade offers more mounting positions for the shocks as well as the suspension links so you can further tweak the trucks setup.

Tamiya CR-01 Heat Sink Motor Plate—Item #54103

Tamiya CR-01 Rock Crawling Trucks

There is a lot to be said for precision and this Tamiya CR-01 Heat Sink Motor Plate delivers. Once it is mounted, the installation of the high-precision center shaft ball bearings and the motor itself is improved. The heat sink feature comes into play thanks not only to the thick aluminum construction, but also the numerous cooling slits machined around its surface.

Tamiya CR-01 Aluminum Skid Plate—Item #54105

Tamiya CR-01 Rock Crawling Trucks

Similar to the side frame mentioned above, the Tamiya CR-01 Aluminum Skid Plate replaces the stock plastic plate. Since it is machined from aluminum and once it is installed in the chassis, the entire assembly becomes more rigid. The CR-01 will also benefit from the added protection from the metal and be less likely to get hung up when traversing over rough objects.

Tamiya CR-01 Carbon Steel Propeller Shaft (85mm)—Item #54112
Tamiya CR-01 Carbon Steel Propeller Shaft (95mm)—Item #54113

Drive shafts on rock crawlers, like the CR-01, are subject to a considerable amount of torque and can get ‘twisted’. Stepping up to these CR-01 Carbon Steel Propeller Shafts will combat these intense forces and they will keep their shape as well as resist wear. Moreover, Tamiya made these shafts so that they telescope like the stock plastic units thus ensuring optimal suspension stroke as they extend and shorten. The shorter 85mm propeller shaft is used for the rear of the CR-01 while the longer 95mm shaft is the correct size to work up front.

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