Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Traxxas High-Output Off-Road Light Kit for Sledge

The Traxxas high-output off-road light kit for the Sledge was released. This is not just your typical optional light system…read on to find out more.

Traxxas High-Output Off-Road Light Kit for Sledge


Traxxas High-Output Off-Road Light Kit for SledgeSledge was built to a new level of precision and toughness to create a unique driving experience. The new High-Output Light Kit extends your fun with dual front light bars to illuminate the path ahead. A rear light bar with integrated brake lights allows you to track Sledge’s progress from behind. Sledge’s rugged roof skid protects the light bars against impacts with fully waterproof construction for worry-free performance.

Traxxas innovation delivers features and performance not found on any other lighting system. The included high voltage amplifier packs the muscle to efficiently power both high-power light bars in the kit while minimizing losses from excessive current and heat. The tightly regulated output provides stable lighting performance without flickering or dimming as the battery voltage changes. In another Traxxas first, the smart brake lights work when brakes are applied in both forward and reverse directions. This eliminates the common and annoying problem with generic aftermarket systems that turn on the brake lights while reversing.

Traxxas High-Output Off-Road Light Kit for SledgeQUICK FEATURES

  • Dual Front and Single Rear LED Lightbars
  • Sealed waterproof design
  • Functional Brake and Reverse Lights
  • Three Lighting Modes: Daytime, Low-beam, and High-beam
  • High-Voltage Power Amplifier Controllable Through the Traxxas Link App

For more information, visit: TRAXXAS