Thursday, July 25, 2024

Traxxas Spartan SR With Self-Righting Capability

We were pretty psyched to see that Traxxas revamped the Spartan. This is the new Traxxas Spartan SR with self-righting capability and it is even available in three different color schemes.

Traxxas Spartan SR With Self-Righting Capability


Spartan SR is built for speed and performance. Pull the trigger and Spartan SR immediately jumps on plane and rips across the water to its heart-pounding 50+ mph top speed! There’s nothing else like it and nothing holding you back. If a wave pitches the wrong direction, self-righting is on board and within seconds, Spartan SR is back to extreme, full-throttle fun.

Self-Righting Security

Self-righting is more than a convenience feature, it’s an all-access pass to exploit Spartan’s full 50+ mph fury. Boaters of all skill levels will enjoy the confidence-inspiring security of self-righting. There’s no need to back off the throttle or tone down the action. Just pin the throttle and Spartan SR takes care of the rest.


Razor-Sharp Handling

Spartan SR’s deep-V ABS hull carefully balances speed with agility for a truly thrilling driving experience. A new electronics layout and battery tray drastically improve handling precision by concentrating the weight inboard along the centerline. The result is razor-sharp handling, no-lift turns, and superior high-speed stability.


Traxxas Spartan SR With Self-Righting Capability

50+ MPH Speed

Grab a fistful of throttle and Spartan SR’s VXL-6s™ Marine power system transforms 22+ volts of LiPo power into furious acceleration. The high-performance prop digs in, getting the boat on plane quickly and efficiently as it slices through the water at speeds of 50 mph and beyond.



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