Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Yokomo RO 1.0 1/10-Scale 2WD Racing Buggy Kit

Yokomo’s latest release takes aim at the off-road segment with the new Yokomo RO 1.0 1/10-scale 2WD racing buggy kit.

Yokomo RO 1.0 1/10-Scale 2WD Racing Buggy Kit


The Yokomo RO 1.0 2WD racing buggy is designed to be easy-to-assemble and is based on a flexible, crash-resistant integrated plastic resin main chassis. Yokomo made it so it would be ideal for first time racers while still offering excellent performance. Since the basic structure of the RO1.0 is the same as Yokomo’s high-performance buggies, it is possible to adapt to various driving conditions by changing the settings. The suspension and drivetrain parts are also the same design so you can replace them with lightweight carbon parts and high-precision aluminum parts to end up with one serious racing machine. Although it is a beginner-friendly model that emphasizes stability, it is also attractive for its expandability that can meet expert-level driving.

Although it uses a resin chassis and damper stays, it has the same basic design as the top Yokomo model and achieves race-level driving performance.


  • Rear 2WD racing buggy
  • Front and rear double wishbone suspension
  • Oil-filled shock absorbers (assembled)
  • Adjustable turnbuckles and tie rods (assembled)
  • Battery position changeable
  • Sealed gearbox
  • 4-gear transmission
  • Aluminum motor mount
  • Slipper clutch standard equipment
  • Integrated resin main chassis
  • High downforce body & wing (pre-cut)
  • Full ball bearings
  • Front 4 ribs & rear square pin tires included

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