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ARRMA Nero BLX Monster Truck – Day 4: Diff Brain

Arrma Nero Hill Climb


It is Day Four of the ARRMA Nero BLX on RC Driver‘s vehicle week and we’re getting into the crown jewel of the Nero BLX, which is quite obviously the Diff Brain.

Check out the photos and video below. We took the rear diff apart to show you what it looks like.

What Does The “Brain” Do?

Effectively, this “Brain” transforms the Nero into four different trucks …

> It  can dole out insane speed or keep you busy as a general basher in “Blast” mode

> It keeps the the front wheels off the ground in “Wheelie” mode

> It helps break the rear end loose for Ken Block style driving in “Drift” mode locking up all three diffs for the ultimate drift experience

> It gives you low the low-speed traction you need to take on the rocks in “Climb” mode.

The Brain Diff also eliminates the need for a separate channel for each locking servo, combining them all into the third channel available on the Tactic TTX300 radio.

New Diff Gears

To keep the Nero rolling under copious amounts of torque from the included power system, Arrma manufactured new diff gears that are all steel and are a far cry larger than any previous diffs in their earlier releases.

Quick and Easy Maintenance

Not only that, but the Nero is very easy to work on. Following the manual, you can remove each diff for maintenance in five minutes or less!


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