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Check it out! New Parts for the RC10B6/B6D Team Kits

BD B6D Parts List

Want To Know What The New Parts for the RC10B6/B6D Team Kits Are?  Well check this out this handy chart from the folks at Team Associated!!


UPCItem No.DescriptionB6B6D
784695 0136431364FT Aluminum Servo Horn 23T, 15.5 mmOO
784695 0136671366FT Aluminum Servo Horn 25T, 15.5 mmOO
784695 9149409149412mm Machined Shock Spacers, V2OO
784695 9163409163412mm Shock Pistons, V2SS
784695 91650091650B6 ChassisSS
784695 91652491652B6 Side RailsSS
784695 91654891654B6 Top PlateSS
784695 91655591655B6 Front Ballstud MountSS
784695 91656291656B6 BulkheadSS
784695 91658691658B6 Aluminum BulkheadOO
784695 91659391659B6 Brass BulkheadOO
784695 91661691661B6 Front Shock Tower, flatOS
784695 91663091663B6 Front Shock Tower, gull wingSO
784695 91665491665B6 Rear TowerSS
784695 91667891667B6 Steering AssemblySS
784695 91668591668B6 Aluminum Steering BellcrankOO
784695 91669291669B6 Aluminum Steering RackOO
784695 91670891670B6 Hinge Pin SetSS
784695 91671591671B6 Flat Front ArmsOS
784695 91672291672B6 Flat Front Arms, hardOO
784695 91673991673B6 Gull Wing Front ArmsSO
784695 91674691674B6 Gull Wing Front Arms, hardOO
784695 91675391675B6 Caster BlocksSS
784695 91676091676B6 Caster Hat BushingsSS
784695 91677791677B6 Steering BlocksSS
784695 91679191679B6 Steering Block ArmsSS
784695 91682191682B6 Front AxlesSS
784695 91683891683B6 Titanium Front AxlesOO
784695 91685291685B6 BumpersSS
784695 91686991686B6 Aluminum Arm Mount, CSS
784695 91687691687B6 Brass Arm Mount, COO
784695 91688391688B6 Aluminum Arm Mount, DOO
784695 91690691690B6 Brass Arm Mount C, 25gO
784695 91692091692B6 Rear Gearbox BraceSS
784695 91693791693B6 Rear Ballstud MountSS
784695 91695191695B6 Rear ArmsSS
784695 91696891696B6 Rear Arms, hardOO
784695 91697591697B6 Rear HubsSS
784695 91698291698B6 Rear Hub Link NutsSS
784695 91701991701B6 Differential OutdrivesOS
784695 91702691702B6 Ball Differential KitOS
784695 91703391703B6 Gear Differential KitSO
784695 91706491706B6 Standup Gearbox, 3-gearOS
784695 91707191707B6 Standup Gearbox, 4-gearOO
784695 91708891708B6 Laydown GearboxSO
784695 91709591709B6 Chassis BracesSS
784695 91710191710B6 Top ShaftSS
784695 91711891711B6 Gear Cover, 4-gearOO
784695 91712591712B6 Gear Cover, 3-gearOS
784695 91713291713B6 Standup Motor Plate, 3-gearOS
784695 91714991714B6 Standup Motor Plate, 4-gearOO
784695 91715691715B6 Laydown Motor PlateSO
784695 91716391716B6 Idler Gear, 39T, laydownSO
784695 91717091717B6 Idler Gear, 26T, standupOS
784695 91718791718B6 Wing/Body MountSS
784695 91719491719B6 Servo MountsSS
784695 91720091720B6 Shock Bushings, longSS
784695 91721791721B6 Shock EyeletsSS
784695 91722491722B6 BallcupsSS
784695 91723191723Turnbuckles, 3×48 mmSS
784695 91724891724B6 Steering LinkSS
784695 91729391729B6 ThumbscrewsSS
784695 91730991730B6 Battery Tray Shoulder ScrewsSS
784695 91731691731B6 Battery StrapSS
784695 91734791734B6 Battery FoamsSS
784695 91735491735B6 Front Anti-roll Bar KitOO
784695 91736191736B6 Rear Anti-roll Bar KitOO
784695 91738591738M4 Serrated NutsSS
784695 91739291739B6 Body, clearSS
784695 91740891740B6 Lightweight Body, clearOO
784695 91741591741B6 WingSS
784695 91742291742B6 Decal SheetSS
784695 91743991743Adhesive Hook and LoopSS
784695 91745391745B6 Aluminum Chassis Weight, 9gOO
784695 91746091746B6 Aluminum Chassis Weight, 13gOO
784695 91747791747B6 Steel Chassis Weight, 25gOO
784695 91748491748B6 Steel Chassis Weight, 40gOO
784695 91749191749Screws, M2x3 mm FHCSOO
784695 91750791750HD Ti Ballstuds, 4mmOO
784695 91751491751HD Ti Ballstuds, 6mmOO
784695 91752191752HD Ti Ballstuds, 8mmOO
784695 91753891753HD Ti Ballstuds, 10mmOO
784695 92014992014Arm Mount InsertsSS
UPCItem No.DescriptionB6B6D

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