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Designed To Win! The 8IGHT-T 4.0 Nitro Truggy Kit

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Bradley Fine Line Design Paints Another Box Art Winner for TLR!


The suspension and drivetrain refinements engineered into the 8IGHT-T 4.0 truggy are inspired by a single purpose – giving racers of all experience levels a nitro truggy that is easy to drive fast, whatever the track conditions. Other updates, like the large-footprint engine mount and molded drivetrain boots, improve durability. It all adds up to a faster, tougher truggy that can take on the best the competition has to offer, right out of the box.

Large-Footprint Engine Mount
In addition to its new position, the engine mount has been designed with a larger footprint that substantially reduces chassis flex and fatigue underneath the engine when racing on high-grip tracks.

New Bleeder Shock Caps and Seals
The new bleeder shock caps and internal seals allow for easier rebuilds while using an emulsion shock setup. New bushings that press into the shock cap further improve durability.

Driveshaft and Dog Bone Boots
Molded rubber boots on the universals and centre drivetrain dog bones increase U- joint life by holding lubrication in and keeping dirt out.

Revised Chassis Side Guards
The chassis side guards have been updated for a better fit.

Redesigned Shock Towers
The machined aluminium shock towers have new camber link and shock location holes that give racers more tuning options for changing track conditions.

Adjustable Caster Blocks
The adjustable, 15-degree caster blocks make it possible to tune dog bone plunge by changing the height of the spindle.

Revised Suspension Geometry
New suspension geometry makes it easier for drivers of all experience levels to turn faster lap times with fewer mistakes, particularly during brutal, hour-long mains.

Optimized Drivetrain Layout
The engine has been repositioned to reduce front driveshaft angle so more power makes it to the front wheels.

Ball Bearing Throttle and Brake Actuator
This revised actuator makes throttle and brake response feel incredibly smooth and precise. It also features a new brace that prevents flexing during heavy braking.

Large Bearing Spindles and Hubs
Front spindles and rear hubs have been revised to accept a larger 8 x 16 x 5 outer bearing for increased durability.

11mm Narrower Track Width
Shorter suspension arms narrow the track width by 5.5mm on each side. This benefits handling on tight sections of the track by making the vehicle more dynamic and allowing it to transition from one direction to the other more quickly.


Durable 4mm hard-anodized 7075 T-6 aluminium chassis
Improved suspension geometry
11mm narrower track for better handling on tight sections
Reduced front driveshaft angle
Ball bearing throttle and brake actuators
Large-bearing spindles and hubs
Revised chassis side guards
Larger engine mount that reduces chassis flex
15˚ caster blocks with adjustable spindle height
Aluminium shock caps with threaded bleeder holes
Molded driveshaft and dog bone boots
Aluminium shock towers with updated camber link and shock location holes

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