Saturday, June 15, 2024

Go Fast! – HoBao Racing Hyper VTe 1:8 GT On-Road RTR

Everyone has their special interests. Some hobby enthusiasts just like to jump their RC machines, some like to drive over scale trail terrain and some just want to go fast. Here, we’re addressing those who just want to go fast on the street. We got our hands on a HoBao Racing Hyper VTe ⅛ on-road GT car. This large electric RC car is based off HoBao’s popular Hyper platform and modified to rule the road. One of the best parts is it’s available ready to run so it only takes a matter of minutes or some battery charge time to get it from the box to ripping up and down the street. The car is equipped with a Hobbywing brushless system, 2.4GHz radio system, independant suspension, thick aluminum chassis, cool aerodynamic factory painted body in grey or blue and grippy tires to stick to the street. The HoBao Racing Hyper VTe looks like a wild machine, see all of its details and the car in action as RC Driver’s Dean Berry gives this vehicle a quick review!

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