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New Release – Axial Racing SCX10 II UMG10 4WD Kit

Axial has just stirred up the scale crawler scene again with another exciting new release. The 1/10 scale Axial UMG10 kit tops off its unrelenting SCX10 II chassis with a forward-cab body based on full-size machines that pull hard duty in the world’s most rugged and remote regions. Its off-road performance more than does justice to the vehicles that provided its inspiration. Military-style features include 1.9 MW19 beadlock wheels and 1.9 MT45 tires in R35 compound that deliver all-terrain traction. The UMG10 also has a full-scale truck’s aggressive approach and departure angles for impressive climbing ability over rocks and steep tracks. Its body and cage are bolted together and hinged to the rear of the chassis. They tilt up as one piece for easy access to on-board components. Complete the kit with your favorite radio and electronics and prevail on any trail! For a functional low/high speed transmission, install the optional 2-speed gear set (part number AX31440 — requires an additional servo for the steering fork).

Chassis: Scale steel C-channel side rails with adjustable body mount
adjustable CMS (Chassis Mounted Servo) system (servo not
Drive: Four wheel with WB8 HD Wild Boar driveshafts with center
splined slider to reduce flex and fatigue, three-piece driveshaft
with strengthened slider-floater tube, AR44 single universal joint
steel axles for up to 45° steering angle
Transmission: New scale appearance-sits lower in the chassis for
greater efficiency, two-speed gear set for a servo activated
low/high range (servo not included)
Slipper Clutch: Uses pad on each side of spur gear for added surface
area and precise tuning and holding power, 32 pitch gearing for
high torque applications
Body: Molded polycarbonate, requires painting and trimming, military
based cab forward design, front end configuration enables vehicle
to take on steep inclines, eight LED light mounting locations,
four in front grille, two in front bumper and two in rear frame
plate (LED lights not included, sold separately) Rear Cage Hinge
System allows easy chassis access by removing two body clips under
the cab
Shocks: Oil-filled, aluminum body, white springs
Suspension: Optimized suspension geometry with integrated mounts
upper and lower aluminum links, 4-link design reduces axle steer
and torque twist, and guards against suspension wrap-up in high-
power applications, all metal links
Steering: Universal joint axles allow up to 45° of steering
Tires: MT45 big block symmetrical pattern, R35 (sticky) firmness
compound, foam inserts, functional spare tire
Wheels: MW19 three-piece black plastic beadlock, 12mm hex

For More Information, Visit Axial Racing: HERE

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  1. Why wld an American company build a model with a nazi driver on it? And why wld anyone buy an axial rc if 3 or 4 years down the road you cant find parts for it. Screw axial and horizon. Buy traxxas.

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