Thursday, June 22, 2017

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Screw Saver for a dollar

RC Tip - Screw Saver

You can’t put your vehicle back together if you don’t have all the hardware that you removed to disassemble it. Too often, screws are lost. To avoid this, check out the dollar store for a bowl that has a magnetic …

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Easy Threading Screws

RC Tip - Easy Thread

Assembling some RC kits requires the use of self-tapping screws that are installed in hard plastic parts. If you first scrape the screws across a bar of soap, you will have an easier time getting them to thread into the …

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RC Decals Made Easy

RC Tip - Decal Application Assistance

When applying decals, avoid touching the adhesive side with your fingers. The oils in your skin can prevent the decals from adhering properly. Use the tip of a hobby knife to lift the decal off its backing. This will also …

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No More Bubbles

RC Tip - Bye Bye Bubbles

Window frame decals can be a time saver and will quickly add details to your freshly painted body. However, if you’ve noticed, the clear part of the window can end up with bubbles under the decal. An easy fix is …

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Hold That Temp Gun

RC Tip - Temp Gun Keeper

Your temp gun is a critical tool whether bashing or racing your nitro vehicle. Having it readily available helps keep your engine running at its best. Use Heavy-duty Velcro fastener to keep your temp gun conveniently located on the back …

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RC Transmitter Bag N’ It

RC Tip - Simply Marble-ous Transmitter Bag

Remember marble bags? They are little cloth pouches for storing marbles with a drawstring to keep them closed. That same concept works well for a transmitter bag as long as you have someone who knows how to sew. Your transmitter …

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