Wednesday, July 24, 2024

2-Wheeled On Road Awesomeness with the X-Rider’s Cx3-II Motorcycle at AsiaTees – Check Out The Video!!

AsiaTees_Cycle_CX3 copy

The Cx3-II by X-Rider is a 1/10th Motorcycle that is 206mm in length, 54mm in width, and 100mm in height. It has a wheelbase of 145mm and is equipped with some awesome electronics, such as the Hobbywing 30T, 3060KV brushless motor and a Hobbywing 18A EzRun Brushless ESC. The entire RTR unit comes with a 1000mAH LiPo battery and a 3-channel remote control so that you can start going crazy with your motorcycle!

The Cx3-II runs on a counter-steer system, meaning that when you turn left on your transmitter, the wheel turns to the right. If you aren’t used to counter-steering in cars, such as drift cars, it’ll take a while to become acclimated with this. However, once you get it running, it’s awesome! The counter-steer is in place so that when you turn your wheel to the left, your motorcycle leans to the right. You then straighten your steering back and you’ll be in a right turn. Do the opposite and your bike will lean the other way. Bikes are very different from cars, so make sure you practice a bit before attempting any crazy stunts or high-speed bursts!

Click here for more details – or here to get your own at AsiaTees


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