Tuesday, March 21, 2023

3 Upgrade Ideas Thursday – HPI Vorza Flux HP

The HPI Vorza holds a special place for me in the RC world. It was the first time I really “got it” and experienced the raw power and joy of 1/8th scale electric vehicles. What is even more impressive is that years later, it is still one of my most reliable vehicles and I let everyone bash on it because it is one of the strongest as well. It really reminded me of the good old rugged Savage, you just couldn’t break ‘em. This HPI Vorza RTR is nearly perfect out of the box, the power system is on point and the tough aluminum chassis can take quite a beating. I did end up upgrading a few items over the years, and if you are looking at spicing up this old gal, then look no further.

1. FastEddy Bearings
The HPI Vorza likes to go fast, and when I run mine I typically bash with a 6 cell LiPo for those crazy speeds. To attain some really high speeds a free rolling driveline is very important.  FastEddy Bearings offers a full set of ceramic bearings that will allow your driveline to operate ultra smooth. Ceramic bearings are known to be very efficient, so if you’re looking to clock a record breaking speed run, you’ll probably want FastEddy Bearings in your Vorza drivetrain.


Manufacturer: FastEddy Bearings
Part: Shock Ceramic Rubber Sealed Bearing Kit
Part Number: B01CXMI450
Price: $72.99
Link To Buy: http://amzn.to/2kxuk93

2. Pro-Line ElectroShot X2 Buggy Tires
As you can imagine the very first thing that most people will replace on the Vorza are the tires. They aren’t terrible in the handling department, but with all of the power on top they are bound to wear out (pretty quickly in my case). I’ve gone through many sets of tires over the years and generally run the Vorza in mixed conditions, between the street and loose stuff so an all-purpose tire is what I look for with good tread life. It seems like Pro-Line has the tire specifically for me in this instance with the ElectroShot X2. It is an evolution of their Hole Shot design and carry all the same or better handling characteristics, but last a lot longer. I went with a medium compound instead of soft for longevity, and this configuration still offers gobs more grip over the stock set.

Manufacturer: Pro-Line Racing
Part: ElectroShot X2 (Medium) Off-Road 1:8 Buggy Tires Mounted
Part Number: 9059-032 (2 wheels/tires per set)
Price: $36.51
Link To Buy: http://amzn.to/2kzmkEu

3. Futaba S9452 Digital High-Speed/Torque Servo
Really the only thing I would change out of the box is the steering servo. The HPI Vorza comes with a standard run of the mill servo which just won’t cut it when we are barreling down the road at 60 MPH+. The steering servo needs to be quick enough to make quick turns at speed and powerful enough to turn 1/8th scale wheels and tires. Futaba has a killer servo that fits the bill in both regards and on a reasonable budget. The servo is digital for superior centering ability and metal geared for durability. It is a quick servo a 0.11 sec transit time and great power with 128 oz of torque.

Manufacturer: Futaba
Part: Futaba S9452
Part Number: S9452
Price: $84.99
Where To Buy: http://amzn.to/2AEkSqy

Even though the Vorza has been around for years at this point (man I am getting old!), it still holds up extremely well against newly released models. These upgrades are mainly focused on the handling of the vehicle, because frankly there isn’t much else that needs improving. After installing these upgrades I wouldn’t hesitate taking this to the track for an all out bash session or even sportsman level club racing.


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