Saturday, June 15, 2024

AMain Hobbies Launches UpGrade RC Product Line

AMain Hobbies launches UpGrade RC product line where you can get your hands on performance driven accessories for your RC rides.

AMain Hobbies Launches UpGrade RC Product Line

AMain Hobbies is pleased to announce the launch of its newest proprietary product line, UpGrade RC. A performance driven accessory brand designed to enhance the ultimate fun and sheer joy for the RC basher and enthusiast, UpGrade RC will feature products that focus on durability, performance, reliability, and pushing the limits of your RC adventures.

Working closely with original UpGrade RC founder Robert Ibon, the completely new UpGrade RC line will be the third brand in the AMain Hobbies proprietary network, joining ProTek RC and EcoPower. In a collaborative effort, AMain Hobbies engineers will be working with Ibon on the development of products within the new UpGrade RC brand line.

“While it is a completely new comprehensive RC performance accessory line in development, it is great to see the UpGrade RC name back at the forefront of the RC industry,” states Ibon. “I am really looking forward to watching this new brand grow under the AMain Hobbies umbrella.”

The initial launch of UpGrade RC will open with a line of high-performance wheels and tires for any type of terrain while providing a sleek, modern scale look. Dirt, asphalt, sand, rocks, and snow, the UpGrade RC tire line has you covered with rubber compounds and tread patterns that were designed, tested, and selected in-house by AMain Hobbies engineers. Check out the UpGrade RC tire line at https://www.amainhobbies.com/upgrade-rc-rc-car-tires-wheels/c7304?fb=133

UpGrade RC also will have an apparel line starting tomorrow, including t-shirts, hats, and zip-up hoodie.

An extensive range of UpGrade RC accessories designed to enhance the performance of the most popular RC vehicles will be developed and released in the coming weeks and months, so be sure to like and follow the UpGrade RC social media pages for all the latest news: Facebook – UpGradeRCUSA, Instagram – UpGradeRCUSA, and YouTube – UpGradeRCUSA..

“We are so excited to launch our UpGrade RC product line,” states AMain Hobbies CEO Kendall Bennett. “With so many amazing RC vehicles being developed, excitement within the hobby is growing amongst both seasoned enthusiasts and newcomers. Our UpGrade RC brand is designed to help every hobbyist elevate and push their cars, trucks, and buggies to the boundaries of performance and adventure.”

AMain Hobbies Proprietary Brand Manager Matt Wallace adds, “We will utilize the latest technology to develop products that will bring out the ultimate in RC fun. We are focused on developing high performance accessories that will be durable and reliable run after run. With our initial tire launch we performed extensive in-house R&D with various compounds and treads and came up with four initial wheel/tire combos that will be dynamic, strong, and high grip over any terrain. We will put that kind of research and testing into each of the coming products we launch within the UpGrade RC product line.”

UpGrade RC products are available at your local RC hobby shop or on AMainHobbies.com..