Saturday, June 15, 2024

Yokomo MS1.0 Competition Touring Car Kit

Set to be released at the end of April is the new Yokomo MS1.0 competition touring car kit.

Yokomo MS1.0 Competition Touring Car Kit

The new Yokomo MS1.0 has already proven its exceptional performance by winning races. The overall suspension is supple, but with reduced unsprung weight and improved alignment settings. This makes the MS1.0 a more responsive platform.

Other features include graphite lightweight lower arms, a slim T-shaped upper deck and new Yokomo shocks and springs that flex and absorb to the road surface. The main chassis is also available in graphite chassis or hard aluminum chassis, so you can choose the one that best suits your racing needs.

Yokomo MS1.0 Competition Touring Car Kit
Suspension with newly adopted upper and lower A-arms. The upper arm is made of one-piece plastic for easy setup and the steering link is fitted with an adjustable turnbuckle.
The motor mount and upper deck are also newly designed. The upper deck, in particular, has a simple shape and is flexible, taking advantage of the flexing and resilience of the graphite material.
Yokomo shocks and springs provide a lower center of gravity. Graphite lower suspension arms have also been significantly lightened, and overall the suspension material is slightly softer than before.

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