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Arrma Kraton 4×4 4S Overview

The wait is over for a new 4S lineup from Arrma, we have the Kraton 4×4 4S found here: https://bit.ly/3NAKtm9 This exciting Speed Monster Truck is based off the Arrma 4×4 design. One they have been developing and refining for years. It appears they got the formula right for it. The truck is 1/10 scale but nearly 1/8 in size. It’s size is based on it’s brushless system and all together should be a fast fun platform. The truck comes ready to run as you see it in the photos below with electronics installed and your choice of two body colors/ graphics.

Arrma Kraton 4×4 4S Speed Monster Truck
Dist. By: Horizon Hobby
Build: RTR
Type: 1/10 4wd Off-Road Monster Truggy
Part No.: ARA4408V2T1
Price: $469.99
Buy: https://bit.ly/3NAKtm9
You’ll need: Radio Batteries, Lipo Pack and Charger
Visit: https://bit.ly/3NBDF7y



This kit is pretty simple, you get the assembled truck with electronics installed, painted body, Spektrum SLT3 radio, instruction manuals, shock preload collars and a few basic tools. Just be aware that there are two body style available so look at the side pannel to make sure you pick up the right color.


At first glance it may look like the same old 4×4 chassis, but this one is much longer to give the truck a longer wheelbase for better stability. It is still a stout composite plastic chassis with plenty of bracing all over. The battery compartment will fit two 2S packs up to a 4S pack. There is an aluminum rod top brace with damper to help prevent any unwanted flexing in an impact. The steering area has been tweak to reduce the chances of rocks binding in the steering.


The new 4S Kraton is wider than its predacessor for better stability as well. The arms look tough and adjustable turnbuckles allow for some fine tuning. What really stands out are the large bore aluminum shocks. Plenty of shock travel for those big air landings! Be sure to take a look at the massive shock towers and the honeycomb bracing inside of them!


There’s some exciting stuff happening here. The driveline gets EXB metal gears and EXB driveshafts. Although we had a little issue with our driveshafts, the production kits will have revised components for better durability. The truck has 17mm wheel hexes, a bearing supported center shaft and a the slipper assembly gets a new composite nut. It should be noted that the driveline is fairly easy to access in these trucks for tuning and maintainence.


Like other Horizon brand models, the Arrma Kraton gets a full compliment of Spektrum electronics. A high torque metal gear servo, 2400kV motor, 120A speed control and SLT3 radio system.


We’ve already run our Kraton 4S and the initial pack reveiled that it’s a fast fun truck and it’s handling was very good on a 1/8 track. We’re looking forward to putting more power through it in the future. Keep an eye or content for updates! Watch our overview HERE


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