Monday, April 22, 2024

AsiaTees and Boom Racing want to take the Gmade R1 To The Next Level. Check Out The Video!

gmade r1

AsiaTees and Boom Racing has unveiled a selection of aluminum upgrades to Gmade R1 that will take this 1/10th scale rock buggy to the next level.

Taking the aluminum servo mount as an example, made of the CNC machined aircraft aluminum, the Boom Racing servo mount has exceptional quality and can be installed very easily.

Machined from solid aluminum, the light weighted C-Hub and steering blocks can be used with the stock axles and bearings. Its one piece heavy duty design gives it extra durability facing various terrains.

Portal axles simply mean the drive axles are above the center of the wheels. This gives the R1 greater ground clearance, beneath the axles, than other trucks using the same tires. Hence, the front skid plate seems not that important any more so Boom Racing brought us the center skid plate, which wraps under the car to help you run over the rocks better.

Available in red, silver and gun metal colors, all the Boom Racing upgrades provided this time are direct replacements for worn or damaged stock parts.


Check out the video!!

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