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Ask Tony: Hey, I Got Your Answer

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This article was originally published in RC Driver’s December 2015 issue.

Hey Tony. I am new to the RC scene and have entered the research/shopping stage of the experience. Recently we purchased a 1/18 scale toy grade (almost hobby grade) 4WD buggy for our 11 year old son. He loves the thing! We live about a mile from RC Madness in Enfield, CT and have gone there every day since he got it less than a week ago. Now that I have a son and he seems to really be into the hobby of RC cars, it has rekindled my interest. I would like to pick up a 1/10 Short Course truck that is RTR, but I don’t want to (or am not allowed to) break the bank. I have researched the Traxxas Slash, the Associated SC10, the Tower Hobbies Cutback, the Helion Dominus, etc. I was wondering if you could suggest one of these over the rest or if there is something else out there that I haven’t come across yet. I don’t necessarily need beginner grade as we frequent the RC track often and think I’ll pick it up pretty quickly. Thanks in advance for your expertise.
Matt, Enfield, CT

Hi Matt-
Welcome back to this great hobby, and congrats on getting your son hooked! Sounds like you have an excellent reason to frequent the track – father and son time! Ok, so a short course truck. It sounds like you’re going to be doing some racing, so that narrows the choices down a bit. All the trucks you mentioned are pretty good, but for racing I would stick with something that is really made for the track. There will be a ton of parts available and you’ll be able to talk to others with like vehicles for setup tips, tuning tips, etc. So, my suggestion is to go with either the Team Associated SC10 or a Losi XXX-SCT. Both are available with brushless systems and good radio systems. They have track-proven handling. Both companies also have a long heritage of racing so you know their vehicles will be great on the track. Good luck and we’ll see you and your boy at track!—Tony

Hi Tony! I have a 4×4 Traxxas Teluride and I am doing a seventh grade school project. I want to mount a full set of RC4WD Predator Tracks on to it so it can go better in the snow and in water and mud. Do you happen to know whether or not they will fit on to my car and if so, do I need a specific kit that is available or can I use the kit that is recommended?
Harrison F., Melbourne, Australia

Good day mate-
The Telluride is a fun little truck! We had one here at the office and everyone was fighting to get it. I lost out, but I’ve put a word in over at Traxxas to get another – it’s that cool! As for your Predator Tracks, you’re in luck. The Telluride uses a 12mm hex to hold the wheels on – the RC4WD Predator EVO tracks mate up to a 12mm hex! So, yes, they will work. Since I haven’t done this before, you may encounter some clearance issues, but nothing that you can’t overcome. Good luck and shoot us some pictures of your completed ride!—Tony

Hey Tony. I am getting back into RC and ordered a new 1/10 scale Traxxas Slash 2WD. What charger and batteries do I use with this kit? I used to have a Dynamite charger a long time ago when I had a Tamiya Monster Beetle. I want to get about 20 minutes of run time and 20 minutes to charge the battery. I plan on having two battery packs so that while I’m running one pack the other is charging. I know this cuts down on the waiting game!
Brian P., Brewster, MA

Hey Brian-
Ah, a new Traxxas Slash. I remember the first one I had … such a fun truck. Played with it, raced it, tuned it. It just keeps going and going and going – sort of like the Energizer Bunny. So, about batteries. If you want extended runtime (around 20 minutes), you’ll want to look at LiPo batteries. LiPo batteries provide a lot more run time than standard NiMh cells as well as a lot more power. Look for a high mAh (milli Ampere hours) – this gives a general idea of how long the battery will last. Also, depending on which Slash model you have, you can get either a 2S or 3S pack; 2S being great power, 3S being uber-great power. Now, the charging; the higher your mAh rating (and whether you have a 2S or 3S pack), the longer it’s going to take to charge – that’s just the way it is. 20 minutes is probably not feasible (well technically you could do it, but it’s certainly not safe for beginners), so maybe buy three packs and continue the fun. Note, however, that the higher the mAh rating (and cell count), the more expensive the packs are going to become. As far as a charger, stick to a brand name that is capable of charging LiPos and you’ll be fine. Good luck!—Tony

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  1. Started RC
    Hello Tony, I am new to the RC scene, I am looking into buying a rc kit but I want to find a good brand. What do you recommend for someone who is looking to get a kit, I want the opportunity of building it myself.

    Thank you.

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