Friday, February 3, 2023

RCD Staff

Circuit and Ruckus 4X4 Brushless

The RCs in the ECX line are all-inclusive, durable, fun RCs that are sure to get the first timer hooked. The two that I’m looking at here, the Circuit stadium truck and its big brother, the Ruckus monster truck, are both four wheel drive vehicles that come with brushless systems.

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Aluminum Conversion Kits for the HPI Sprint 2

The Sprint 2 chassis from HPI Racing is a very capable car right out of the box. It is equipped with a belt driven 4WD drivetrain, oil-filled shocks, quality plastic composite parts and numerous tuning adjustments.

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Traxxas X-Maxx Review

Traxxas X-Maxx

Recently, the editors and I were chatting about current vehicle offerings from manufacturers and Traxxas became the focus as we have not seen an all new vehicle from them in quite some time. We were speculating on what and when the next big release would occur. We all agreed and hoped it would be an entirely new vehicle and not simply an updated version of a current model since it has been a while that we have seen one.

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RCD Stuff

Cool Stuff from RC Driver for your Car: Graphite Arm Plates, Trackstar V2 Sensored Motor, Electric Clutch For 1/8-Scale, Magnetic Rpm Sensor, More!

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Arrma Raider Mega Hop Up

Our picks for performance, durability, and/or appearance upgrades: Arrma Raider Mega Hop Up Here are our accessory and hop-up picks for today’s popular vehicles that can boost performance, durability and/or appearance and leave you with a sweet custom ride.

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68 Muscle Street Custom, Custom Paint

Parma has so many of these muscle car bodies for short course trucks for me to cover, that I’m kind of running low on unique ideas. I’ve done stock cars, a drag car, hot rods, etc. Aft er pondering this one, I realized I’ve missed the most obvious idea. These bodies open up a whole new option for your off-road chassis. An on-road conversion!

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Quick Troubleshooting Secrets for Your RC Car or Truck

Troubleshooting Secrets for Your RC Car

We’re going to take a look a common topic that comes up at any hobby shop: what is broken? It is a story many have heard time and time again. You're just driving along and suddenly your RC stops. Or an alltime favorite, it was working the last time I put it away. Tracking down what is really causing the problem can be a nightmare in itself.

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Which RC Car Is Right for My Personality?

While aimed at first-time buyers, this article can also be beneficial to anyone considering their next purchase because we’re going to take this from a totally different perspective.

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Hop Ups: Helion Animus 18SC & Hpi Crawler King

Our picks for performance, durability, and/or appearance upgrades: Helion Animus 18Sc | Hpi Crawler King upgrade Here are our accessory and hop-up picks for today’s popular vehicles that can boost performance, durability and/or appearance and leave you with a sweet custom ride.

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Ask Tony: Hey, I Got Your Answer!

You Got Questions? Tony has your answer! This month: Shifty Savage, Newer New Bright, Brushless Beetle

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Pro Boat Voracity-E 36 Review

One glance at the killer-looking, ultra-sleek hull of the Voractiy-E 36 deep-V from Pro Boat and you can quickly deduce that this boat is built for serious performance. With further examination you will find that it is outfitted with a very powerful Dynamite 6-pole brushless motor system capable of handling up to 22.2 volts of power thus allowing it to hit near highway speeds.

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HK Marine Relentle SS V2

I am a sucker for fast electric catamarans. They are incredibly stable and agile when running flat out and I especially like how they look while ripping across the water. My latest is the newly updated version of the H-King Marine Relentless V2 from HobbyKing. driven by a potent brushless motor system that can be powered by 4S LiPo batteries.

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Hobao Hyper MT AT Sports Plus Review

Big, Bad Beautiful MT that can take a beating! This article was originally published in RC Driver’s June 2016 issue. Words: Peter Klaven Photos: Sydney Fife While I’m a racer at heart, every now and then I like to get …

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Traxxas XO-1 Review

Traxxas XO-1

I cannot think of any other vehicle that got as much attention as the original Traxxas XO-1 when it was released just a couple of years ago. This 1/7-scale on-road monster caught everyone off guard with its unique chassis design and a Castle Creations powered system that could propel this car up to 100 mph in just a few short seconds.

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The Secret To Become A Better Driver – Practice Makes Perfect

RC DRiver Practice-Makes-Perfect

We’ve all heard the saying, “practice makes perfect,” which is very true, especially in the RC racing world. Even in other areas of this magazine you’ll read interviews with pro drivers who will tell you that you need lots of practice to place high at big races and be considered for sponsorships. But did you know that practice isn’t just about driving your car on the track?

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