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Pro-Line Racing 1978 Chevy C-10 Race Truck Clear Body

Pro-Line Racing 1978 Chevy

Pro-Line certainly created a hit here, take a look at their all new Pro-Line Racing 1978 Chevy® C-10™ Race Truck Clear Body for Short Course use. Pro-Line’s C-10 step-side classic truck body features large, full race fenders and styling that …

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VTA Road Racing With PROTOForm

VTA Road Racing

For months now, we have featured a number of stories related to Pro-Line Racing products from their tire line-up to expansive body line and even performance parts you can purchase from the leading accessory company. But those focuses have always …

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Tamiya’s Best 2wd Beginner Buggies

Many of the crew members behind RC Driver started in RC thanks to a Tamiya vehicle. During a discussion about our start to the hobby, one general commonality between all of us was the buggy was 2WD, some started with …

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TheToyz.com Red Aluminum RC soldering Jig

RC soldering Jig

No more pleirs with rubber bands on them to clamp your connectors while you soder, TheToyz.com is proud to bring you this new Red Aluminum RC soldering Jig  for soldering bullet connectors, Deans plugs, XT60 and X90T Plugs. FEATURES: This …

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Robinson Racing B6.1D Lay Back Idler & Diff Gear

Some of Robinson Racing Products newest gears have rolled across our desks. They’re not the usual pinion or spur, but this time are an idler and bottom diff gear. Shown here are the new RRP offerings for those running the …

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Tekno RC ET410 1/10th 4WD Competition Electric Truggy Kit

Tekno RC has always strived to think outside the box. Rules and standards are great and all, but when it comes to maximum fun and performance, sometimes you just have to do your own thing. With advances in battery and …

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RC4WD Gelande II D110 Gets A Dick Cepek Wheel & Tire Swap

We’ve been driving the RC4WD Gelande II D110 on the stock wheels and tires for some time now and it’s actually quite challenging and fun to drive the rig with the factory rubber. But this is a project build and …

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miniPRO High Torque Belt Kit

miniPRO High Torque Belt Kit

The RC car dyno specialists miniPRO have released an optional high torque belt kit for the miniPRO Motor Dyno. This belt kit is used to increase the allowable torque of the dyno by 1,500 N·mm while keeping a low friction …

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Pro-Line SHOP TALK: Ep. 02 – X-MAXX Tires


Pro-Line has 3 tires choices for Traxxas® X-MAXX® Truck owners! Get the scoop on each of these treads and their purposes in this Pro-Line SHOP TALK video. TIRE OPTIONS Badlands MX43 Pro-Loc All Terrain Tires Pro-Line Badlands tires are known …

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Steel RRP Gears Installed In The Axial SCX10 II Trail Honcho

Steel RRP Gears

Our Axial SCX10 II Trail Honcho is getting another upgrade, this time Steel RRP Gears. Again we’ve turned to Robinson Racing for their precision machined hardened gears. This time we’re replacing both the top shaft gear and the idler gear. …

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Altra Running ScaleUltra Promo Video

ScaleUltra Promo Video

The Altra Running team has just released this new ScaleUltra Promo Video, an exciting combination of adventure trail running and radio control rock racer driving. This is a fairly new conbination sport, but it’s growing rapidly. If you’ve been looking …

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Pro-Line Ambush MT 4×4 with Trail Cage Special Edition

The Pro-Line PRO-MT 4×4 has a new Special Edition – Ambush MT 4×4! It has the same great functions and bashability as the PRO-MT 4×4, but it comes with an awesome caged body. The Pro-Line Ambush MT 4×4 includes the …

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Traxxas Slash RC Drag Car Project – Part 2 Front Assembly

Traxxas Slash RC Drag

Wow, we had no idea how popular this build would be, but the views for part 1 of our Traxxas Slash RC Drag Car Project have been climbing rapidly. We’d like to thank everyone who took the time to watch …

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RC Jurassic Jeep Tribute Build

RC Jurassic Jeep

Dean and many of his friends are movie fanatics. So in the past we’ve featured Deans Star Wars Mouse Droid build and now Dean is back at it again, this time with a tribute to the Jurassic movies with a …

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RC4WD Gelande II D110 $12 Scale Graphics Set

Scale Graphics Set

Our work on the RC4WD Gelande II D110 continues and this video shows a quick, easy and inexpensive way to give your D110 a great new look with a $12 scale graphics set. RC4WD offers a Clean Lines decal sheet …

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