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RPM Trailing Arms and Skid Plates for the Unlimited Desert Racer

RPM Trailing Arms

The Traxxas Unlimited Desert Racer is a scale work of art with performance to match. However, RPM customers have reported the stock trailing arms are a weak link. If you’re tired of bending and breaking stock trailing arms, RPM has …

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Losi 22S ST Brushless RTR 2WD Stadium Truck Unboxing

RC stadium trucks have seen a resurgence in popularity both on and off the trace track. These trucks in race form deliver lots of excitement as they go wheel to wheel on the track under race conditions. Off the track, …

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Pro-Line SHOP TALK: Ep. 5 – 1:10 Indoor & Outdoor Race Tires


Not sure which 1:10 scale race tire to use at your local indoor or outdoor track? Well Pro-Line’s race team manager, Daniel Adams, will give you the rundown on the benefits of each tire in this episode of Shop Talk. …

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Traxxas EZ Peak Live Dual iD Charger Review

EZ Peak Live

Our Traxxas collection at RC Driver keeps growing and with that means more batteries. More batteries means more charge time if we take a few trucks out to play. So far the Traxxas EZ Peak chargers have served us well. …

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Pro-Line Pro-MT 4×4 Giveaway Part 2

Pro-MT 4x4 Giveaway

We’re back at it, working on our Pro-Line Pro-MT 4×4, installing option parts from Pro-Line to make this machine much more durable. In this video we go over installing the steel spur gear and the aluminum servo arm. For those …

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MYLAPS RC4 Pro Transponder – RCD Today Blog 10-4-18

If you’re an RC racer, you’ll most likely need your own transponder. If you’re not in the racer know, a transponder is a small electronic device that you plug into your receiver in your car to power it and it …

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Big Truck! – Tamiya DYNAHEAD 6X6 G6-01Tr


Now this new Tamiya release is going to get some attention. This is the new Dynahead 6×6 that takes inspiration from the big trucks used in grueling off-road world of truck trials. The sleek body appears on the G6-01TR chassis, …

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Latrax Rally by Traxxas – RC Quick Drive PT1

Latrax Rally

For its price, the ready to run Latrax Rally by Traxxas is an absolute deal for small scale on-road fun. We spent a lot of time wheeling this mini RC a while back when we tested it and as of …

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The Beginning – Tamiya First Try R/C Kit TT-02B Chassis & Neo Scorcher Body

Here is an awesome way to get into RC! So many people got their start with RC and so many more will thanks to this “First Try” RC kit based on the TT-02B chassis off-road assembly model. Intended for absolute …

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RC4WD 1.55 Wheels & Tires For Project Tamiya MF-01X – RCD Today Blog 10-3-18

So a little while back while we were building up our Tamiya MF-01X G320 to be a better off-road machine, we ran into a bit of a snag. If you followed the Youtube Series HERE, you probably saw the tires …

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Spektrum DX5 Pro Arrival – RCD Today Blog 10-2-18

Today we’re sitting behind the computer getting some video work and article work done for the website so there isn’t much going on in terms of building. But! We did get a knock on the door from our FedEx delivery …

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PROTOform D9 Clear Sedan Body

PROTOform D9

Take a look at this new Lexan masterpiece from PROTOform. D9 is PROTOform’s new aero option for 190mm electric touring car racing. After much success with the Type-S, their world-class team of drivers requested a less-aggressive body handling feel in …

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RC4WD Over/Under Drive Transfer Case For The TF2 & Gelande II

Every month we receive emails from RC4WD and they are loaded with new releases. We can hardly keep track of all of the RC4WD parts coming out, we don’t know how they do it. But among the slew of cool …

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Pro-Line Ultra Reservoir Shocks – RC Driver Today Blog 10-1-2018

We’ve had the Pro-Line Racing Ultra Reservoir Shocks in our collection for quite some time. They are a pretty amazing looking shock. All machined alumuminum and a function reservoir on the side of the cap. We’ve been holding onto them …

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Rough Action Ready – ARRMA Big Rock Crew Cab 4×4 3S BLX RTR

ARRMA Big Rock Crew Cab

We were pretty big fans of the original ARRMA Big Rock, so we’re super excited to see it come back in a new way. The Big Rock Crew Cab 4X4 3S BLX, ARRMA brings back the popular “street truck” style …

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