Tuesday, November 29, 2022
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Street Outlaw NPRC Slash Base Drag Car Build – RCD Blog

There are a bunch of projects in the works in the RCD shop. One of them is a revival of an old chassis that has been sitting in a storage bin. Recently we pulled out an old ANZA Slash build. It was disassembled and parts scattered about the shop. After looking the parts over which were in still very good condition, Greg has decided to give the chassis a new life as an NPRC drag car. We’re putting the car back together and wanted to show off it’s progress. Unfortunately you can’t get some of the parts shown on this build anymore unless you hunt them down on-line somewhere, but this is turning out to be a great base for some drag car racing fun.

There are very few Traxxas parts on this build, the front bulkhead is a Traxxas part and th rear motor guard as well. That’s where the factory parts end. The rest is aftermarket.

Traxxas Drag Slash

Here is a better view of the chassis. We have installed Pro-Line front and rear suspension arms, a Hot Racing steering bell-crank set, RPM rod ends, STRC rear axles and a Hitec DB777WP servo.

Traxxas Drag Slash

This Drag Car build will be rolling on Pro-Line Racing Hoosier Tires. Need some tires? Shop at Pro-Line: http://bit.ly/2Hq4K0G  and use code RCDRIVER10 to save 10% your order.

Traxxas Drag Slash

Our build is going to get topped off with a Protoform Corvetter body. But we’re still uncertain of the paint scheme at this time. You can get this body through Pro-Line too: http://bit.ly/2Hq4K0G  and use code RCDRIVER10 to save 10% your order.

Traxxas Drag Slash

We’re not sure what motor and ESC will go into this yet, however we will be powering those electronics with a new SMC Racing Graphene Extreme V2 Battery. Click the web banner to the side of the page to find more info about these batteries.


We’re waiting for a few parts to arrive to wrap up the next steps in this build. Make sure you check back often for updates!

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  1. I sent Traxxas a message. Asking them if they had plans to release a no prep drag car. They replied with a generic response and said no. Surprising that they have all the parts but…. So I order an associated DR10 along with all the Pro-line Goodies…

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