Thursday, July 25, 2024

Tekno RC ET410.2 1/10 4WD Competition Electric Truggy

Taking the truck class to a new level is the new Tekno RC ET410.2 1/10 4WD competition electric truggy. It is available for preorder and will ship to customer mid-July.


Tekno RC ET410.2 1/10 4WD Competition Electric Truggy
TKR7202 – ET410.2 1/10th 4WD Competition Electric Truggy Kit

Tekno RC redefined the 1/10th scale truck in terms of enjoyment and versatility when they introduced the ET410 1/10th 4wd Competition Electric Truggy in 2018. By including many of the industry-leading design features of the EB410 1/10th 4wd buggy, the ET410 was fast and fun right out of the box. It quickly became a fan favorite due to its versatility and performance on a wide variety of tracks. It could be raced on a small indoor track, then with very few setup changes, you could run it on a large outdoor track with rough surfaces and huge jumps. It’s also right at home performing stunts in your backyard or hauling down the street. We consider it the most versatile RC vehicle on the market today.

Now with the ET410.2, Tekno RC has taken the emerging 1/10th Scale 4wd Truck Class to a new level. The ET410.2 includes all of the durability and handling improvements of the EB410.2, such as the taller one-piece adjustable wing mount, adjustable roll center rear hubs, 3.5mm hinge pins, and HD hinge pin braces. They included stronger HD outdrives, new rear arms with front-mounted shocks, as well as brand-new 18-degree low roll center spindle carriers to smooth the steering response while improving corner speed. Tekno RC is also introducing new spindles with adjustable Ackermann plates to allow more precise tuning of corner entry and exit characteristics. Since Tekno RC always has their customers’ interests at heart, they have added all of these features and improvements with no added cost to you.


  • Tekno RC ET410.2 1/10 4WD Competition Electric TruggyCNC 7075 Long Wear Chassis
  • New Larger 3.5mm HD Hinge Pins and Revised Hinge Pin Inserts
  • New HD Hinge Pin Braces w/ Revised Suspension Geometry
  • New Taller, Stronger One Piece Wing Mount w/ Height Adjustments
  • New 18 Degree LRC Spindle Carriers
  • New Spindles w/ Adjustable Ackermann Plates
  • New Adjustable Roll Center Rear Hubs
  • New Rear Arms w/ Front Mounted Shocks
  • Stronger HD Outdrives and Diff Couplers
  • New Aluminum Front and Rear Camber Plates w/ Bulkhead Brace
  • Optimized Reverse Bellcrank Steering System
  • 13mm Big Bore Shocks w/ Revised Standoffs and Cap Bushing

For more information, visit: TEKNO RC

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