Thursday, June 20, 2024

Axial UTB18 Capra Unlimited Trail Buggy

Get ready for a completely new adventure in RC rock crawling. The popular Axial® Capra™ is now available in a whole new scale with the UTB18 Capra™ 4WD Unlimited Trail Buggy. Perfect for indoor or outdoor terrain, the 1/18-scale size makes high-end RC crawling easily affordable and accessible. Fully equipped and ready-to-run, the Axial UTB18 Capra 4WD is similar in design to the popular 1/10 scale Capra 1.9 4WD Unlimited Trail Buggy and has a scaled-down Capra tube chassis. Like the larger trail buggy, the UTB18 Capra also has portal axles, which give the UTB18 Capra extra ground clearance. Add in its axle-mounted, low profile 1/10 scale servo for quick, strong steering and the durable 4-link suspension system, and oil-filled shocks, and the UTB18 Capra is ready to prove that size has nothing to do with crawling performance.

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