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BZ-222 Pro 1/10th 2wd Off Road Buggy from HobbyKing

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The BZ-222 Pro is the result of hundreds of customers who bought the original BZ-222 asking for a version with all the option parts included, but we thought we could do better than that, so we took it up a notch and turned what was already a great value entry level race buggy and tweaked it with new stiffer arms, aluminum bulkheads front and rear and fixed the binding issue with the rear transmission that some drivers experienced. Now, not only does the BZ-222 handle like a pro-buggy, it will take the jumps and bumps and spills of off-road racing like a pro-buggy but for a whole lot less money.

This kit includes all the upgrade parts that are available for the BZ-222 including all the aluminum hubs, steering components and the shock tower mounts, as well as the carbon fibre shock towers and battery retainer.

Like the original, the BZ-222 Pro chassis can be configured for mid, or rear motor layouts depending on your preference or track conditions. An adjustable slipper clutch means you can efficiently dial in the power for optimal traction. A stiff 3mm alloy chassis can take a beating and come back for seconds. Like all racing buggies, the BZ-222’s suspension is fully adjustable for toe-in, camber, and shock position. Speaking of shocks, the BZ-222 comes with full aluminum shocks as standard equipment which now include bladders and a bleed hole. The threaded alloy body has an adjustable collar so you can tune your spring pre-load to perfection.

The center-line battery tray will fit most standard hard case LiPoly batteries and still leaves plenty of room for all your other electronics, there is even enough room to mount the ESC on the battery retainer plate to keep all your weight centered. With the right spacers, the chassis will even accept “shorty” race packs. There is a steering servo saver included as part of the standard kit and adding to the durability is the unique belt drive system that has been tweaked to remove the issue of binding some racers experinced with the original. The belt adds a small amount of give to the system, which helps reduce shock to your gears and motor.

The ARR version includes ROAR approved electronics so all you need is a 2ch radio and a 7.4v hardcase LiPoly to go and race at most tracks around the world.

One of the big requests we got with the original was to supply the kit with an unpainted polycarbonate shell and rims without tyres so racers can choose their own paint job and tyres to suit their favourite track. We have also changed to a 48P spur gear so it is much easier to change gearing options, it will also take most popular hex slipper style spur gears if you use the correct slipper pads.

We thought the BZ-222 was pretty good to start with, but the BZ-222 Pro is even better, maybe even the best value 2WD race car on the market!


• Improved belt drive gear box
• Can be converted to a mid-motor chassis layout
• Aluminum adjustable shocks
• Fully adjustable chassis for precision set-up
• Full ball bearing supported drive train
• 3.5mm carbon fibre shock towers
• Adjustable dual side slipper clutch
• Aluminum hubs, steering components and bulkheads
• CVD drive shafts
• Clear polycarbonate body


Servo: TrackStar TS-D99X 10kg Servo
Motor: TrackStar 17.5T Sensored (ROAR approved)
ESC: TrackStar 80A Turbo ESC (ROAR Approved)

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